Bobby Swift – Songwriter

Bobby Swift – Songwriter

I enjoy writing lyrics for songs and mostly am focused on Country, Pop, Americana and Christian music writing at this time.

Bobby Swift – Songwriter recently teamed up with the great Don Quinn, a great songwriter to co-write on some of my newest song.
I can see a new direction in my songwriting and with the help of Bryan Austin at Voodoo Groove Studio & Travis Thibodaux doing vocals, my newest songs are coming out great. So cool to have Karli Chayne sing the vocals on 2 songs through Bryan’s studio. I have many composed songs co-written with and sang by Steve Hill. I teamed up with my good friend Steve Hill to compose and sing my songs so I could have demo’s to showcase our joint effort and my writing abilities. Steve Hill can master a great song for any writer looking for help. I do pick on an acoustic guitar but the singing part is not in my skill set yet, LOL… Leave it to Steve to sing with his great talent. I live in the beautiful mountains of Oakhurst, Ca. and share my love with a beautiful lady I married back in 1983 and our many pets.
I work at a Harley dealership and have worked at a dealerships now for over 29 years. Yeah, time passes bye to fast but the ride so far has been fun. Hmmmm, new song in that last sentence? I have met some interesting friends through the Harley dealership and lost a few along the way. God graced me with their friendship before taking them away to ride that long road in the sky.
I enjoy wood working and have built my lovely wife a built in bookcase for her library. I enjoy hiking around our 6+ acres to see what’s new and enjoy the variety of critters. Got everything from Bears to squirrels around here and the ravens think we are their feeding hole. They have us trained! I value friendship and hold dear to the heart my friends and always enjoy new friends. We live a 1/2 hour from Yosemite National Park, Life is great.
The songs listed and or the lyrics are available for artists looking for new material. Inquire within.

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