J. Kyle Reynolds

J. Kyle Reynolds

J. Kyle Reynolds – Singer/ Songwriter/ Musical artist & Audio Engineer from Atlanta, Georgia

jkyleJ. Kyle Reynolds is a Georgia native from Loganville, Ga. (Born Joseph Kyle Reynolds). From a young age, Kyle found music to be totally captivating and a wonderful form of art.

His mother would sing and he would listen, learning harmonies and pitch. At 8 years old, Kyle started playing an electric guitar he inherited from his brother. By age 12, he was performing for his friends at school and in his school choir. Fast forward 4 years and Kyle was playing guitar and singing in the Youth Praise Band at Loganville First United Methodist.

Since the fire started, it has never ceased. He has played in many projects such as “Last Word” (2007), “A Forced to be Reckoned” (2007-2010), “Nine” (2010 – 2013), “Project Grayscale” (2013-2015) and is currently pursuing a solo career in Country music.

Kyle will graduate college in Dec. 2015 with a degree in International Business and expects it will help him in career management. For this Georgia-raised and southern grown gentleman, Country music seems only natural.

His southern drawl mixed with a bluesy feel comes together to create punchy a “Southern Twang”. He released his single “When You Smile” in May of 2015 and discovered a new niche.

With the release of this single, it was submitted to and aired on 949 The Bull in Atlanta for 13 weeks; 3 of which he ranked he ranked number 1. He writes, produces, records, and mixes all of his own songs. He is currently writing and recording several new songs to release later this year. His expected EP Release date is in Winter of 2015.



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Credits: A huge thanks to Cheryl McCullough!

IG: @heartcmp
Email: CherylMcCulloughPhotography@gmail.com — in Bostwick, Georgia.

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