Thadeus Project

Thadeus Project

Here is the Thadeus Project Story: Like so many projects, Thadeus Project was not an idea hatched in a moment but over a lifetime.

Not so much a birth but a rebirth that lead to a rekindling of the love for music and the passion to create it.

Two of the band’s founding members, Ted Putbress and Glenn Folworski, experienced the 70’s and all that rock and roll during that era had to offer. From Aerosmith to Neil Diamond, from Pink Floyd to The Doors, with Blues, R&B and Jazz all influenced what was being played. It was a vibrant time when bands formed and failed and re-formed again. It was no different for Ted and Glenn. They played together; they played apart. They kept in touch. But a time came for tough decisions and rock and roll would have to take a back seat to marriage, family and careers outside of the music industry.

Fast forward to the year 2000. Life is good. For Ted, success has come in the form of the Financial Services industry. A well-earned vacation to Mexico triggers a desire to make music a part of his life once more. Sitting in the terra cotta courtyard of his wife’s ancestral home, Ted picks up his guitar again and begins to play. That’s all it took.

Not long after returning home, Ted was introduced to the latest music technologies and was immediately blown away by the innovations in musical design. The possibilities exploded in his mind and were endless. The passion was back, and now the money was there with a business background to back it up. The concept was born: a band with a sound and purpose rooted in the 70’s but with today’s technologies transforming and recreating it in a fresh way. Re-enter Glenn. Jazzed by all Ted envisioned, Glenn couldn’t sleep for weeks. Neither one has slept much since.

“Life is like music,” states Ted Putbress. “It goes through a lot of different changes over time, but some things never change. The love of music is forever and we are glad to be on that train again.”

In February 2004, Danger & Bliss was recorded and released. Then John Zver, a drummer Ted and Glenn had played with, signed on. John brought with him Kharis Washington, a bass player that John had played with for 14 years. Rounding out Thadeus Project was Linda Palm, a keyboardist and Ted’s business associate.

In 2004 this new group of Ted, Glenn, John, Kharis and Linda went to work on new material and what was to become “Just A Taste,” a four song EP that highlighted the new combo, as well as an intimate acoustic version of “Once Upon a Time” from Danger & Bliss CD. As “Just a Taste….” was hitting the record racks, “Windows” from Danger & Bliss hit 27 on the Indie AC Charts.

Back into the studio went Thadeus Project and the result was a CD titled “Simple Wisdom.” Mastered by Grammy award winning engineer Bob Katz. (author of the highly regarded book/bible of mastering “Mastering Audio: The Art and the Science”), the first single, “Picture Book,” went to 14 on the Indie AC charts, receiving tremendous airplay across the country. “Rivertown” is the second release and is moving faster across the airwaves and up the charts than “Picture Book.”

“I think ‘Rivertown’ appeals to people because there is meaning in that song for everyone,” relates Ted Putbress. “For Glenn, it was written in large part for a friend of his, Carol Hykes, who had passed away. When I heard it, I thought of the floods in Chicago in ‘86 and ’87. My wife was pregnant at the time with our daughter, Lana, and our hometown was an island because of the flood. I remember the Governor in a rowboat on his street and helicopters everywhere.”

But Simple Wisdom also brought a shuffling of the Thadeus Project line-up with Theo Kalamatas on drums, and Henry Pavin on bass (who used to play with Ted and Glenn going back to the 70’s).

Although this dedicated line-up has been playing small shows in Chicago, their heart is in the studio, working on a fourth upcoming Thadeus Project release. Joining Glenn on vocals is Jamie Blythe of Austin, Texas and she adds a soulful sweetness to the sound.

Today, Thadeus Project is a thriving musical entity. Living, recording and performing in the Chicago area, the group can’t create fast enough. Spurring on and inspiring each other they draw from their rich and varied musical roots as they move forward and evolve. Thadeus Project is a creative powerhouse with a progressive sound fresh to the art-rock scene.

glen and ted would like to welcome Chuck Nilison (drummer /percussionist ) and Jeff Schullo (bass / vocalist ) to the new Thadeus Project lineup. these are two guys that we have a long history with. welcome home boys!!

SWEET DREAMS is available for download.

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