Liars and Lions

Liars and Lions

Vancouver based hard rock band Liars and Lions have been on the pursuit since 2012, harnessing gritty rock vocals, artfully written guitar solos, and breakbeat drumlines. 10536342_720863964640018_3238629542924054374_oSince their debut, the band has developed into a fierce four piece capable of taking the stage in any of the city’s iconic rock venues. Armed with songs that are perfectly crafted to keep any listener on their toes, Liars and Lions have a chemistry that is unmatched by their peers. Hard, fast, and dynamic – meet Liars and Lions.

Imaad Dalal, lead vocalist and guitarist, has been mastering his craft since the age of 5. With iconic influences such as Zakk Wylde, Joe Satriani and John Petrucci, Dalal owns a technical and tactful execution in everything he writes. When he met his counterpart Frazer Pelling through a mutual friend in 2003 it was not a question of if, it was a question of when. Pelling, honing his skills since the age of 16, has been inspired by the likes of Rage Against the Machine and System of a Down. It was no surprise that these creative minds came together, shaping and developing their sound, over an ongoing 8 year collaboration through a series of musical projects.

In 2011 Dalal and Pelling met bass player Devin Turner through another mutual friend. With Turner’s sound being influenced by the likes of Buckethead, Pink Floyd and Dream Theater, it was immediately obvious that each of their styles meshed. After a short period of time writing together the group made it official – they became Liars and Lions. For two years the trio performed in venues such as The Roxy, The Red Room and Venue Nightclub, also releasing a 7 song EP including singles “Walk Away” and “Worry”. But there was something missing…

In early 2014 the band welcomed guitarist Nick Waterman. Nick’s previous band had shared the stage with Liars and Lions over multiple concerts and he developed a close friendship with the trio. Thanks to his creative desire and passion, it was only natural for him to join Liars and Lions after his previous group disbanded. Influenced by Stevie Ray Vaughan and Jimmy Page, Waterman added a classic rock influence to the metal heavy sounds of Liars and Lions.

Since becoming a quartet, the group has built up a following in Vancouver and developed their sound into an articulate circus featuring skill and intricacy unique in the Vancouver music scene. Crowd pleasing, true showmen and nothing pop or top 40 about them, Liars and Lions are the next best heavy rock band to come out of the Canadian West Coast.

Liars and Lions Liars and LionsLiars and Lions




Members: Imaad Dalal – Guitar/Lead Vocals

Frazer Pelling – Drums/Vocals Devin Turner – Bass

Nick Waterman – Guitar
Home Town: Vancouver, BC

Clyde Hill – Magnetized Productions
phone: (778) 323-0412

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