Songwriting process

Songwriting process

There are many ways to write songs, in my experience I always have different approaches when writing a song. And in this article I will share some of the ways I write my songs that I am sure many other songwriters have used.

1.- Come up with the title of your song first.-

This has been a good way for me to write some of my songs. If you come up with the title first, you will be able to develop the

storyline easier and it will come up naturally.


2.- Create a catchy guitar riff, beat, etc. to start your song.-

Many songs that have been written start with a guitar riff, a catchy beat etc. Let’s take for example “Smoke in The Water” sung by

the rock band Deep Purple. The introductory guitar riff immediately identifies the song. Remember that when you create the hooks

for your song, you can do musical and lyrical hooks.


3.- Write your first verse along with the music and don’t force the rest of the song.- 

Songs must come out naturally, if you just write one verse and don’t know what else to write at the moment, simply record your

first verse and return later to finish it. The best songs sometimes take years to be completed. So just go with the flow of your

inspiration and don’t force it to come out more than it is willing to.


4.- Make use of a drum loop or machine and sing or play a melody line.-

Sometimes rhythm can become a great inspiring tool, so if you have a drum machine or drum loops in your computer, loop a beat

and sing a melodic line that comes to your mind. If you come up with something good, don’t forget to record it so you can save

your ideas.

I hope these tips are useful to you and they help you in your songwriting process. Have a great and blessed week.

Yours truly

Antonio Garcia Vizcaya



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