Someone asked me “How do you get ideas for a song”

Someone asked me “How do you get ideas for a song”

Everyday life has little events that remind us of something or someone. The memories made are experiences we can look at in detail and break it down into a story. Some stories are good and some we want to forget. It’s that every day story that others can relate to that may become a great song. Example: my song “Fight For Your Love”.

I woke up at 3 am one morning and could not fall back to sleep. I was thinking too much about me and my wife and the relationship that I was worried about losing. I got out of bed and needed a distraction to make myself tired so I can resume in my sleep.

Turn on the computer and began to write a song. As we get older and our relationships grow, we, most men, take too much for granted of the special ladies in our lives. And sometimes it’s the wives that fail to give us men attention to boast our male egos. Not that….,

I am talking about supporting us with our careers, hobbies that we want to be a career or just a job well done. You see it both sides that need to keep a marriage or relationship strong. So I started writing about the little things that mean a lot to me and I miss.

The little notes left behind when she’s gone out of town with her mom for a couple days or the way she used to walk up behind and put her loving arms around me. To this day she is still the sunshine in my eyes, the sweetheart of my life. I finished writing the lyrics to this song in 45 minutes and went back to bed. Before I got back in bed I emailed a friend of mine Tony Corrales the idea and funny thing was, he was awake and could not sleep that night.

He looked at the song lyrics and emailed me that morning he loved it and it hit home for him too. So the common thing here is most men want to fight for their love and stay in a relationship. Writing about things others can relate to makes great songs most of the time.

This song is getting ready to go on CD with Tony Corrales Band and you can also hear it from my Reverbnation music page.
Tony and I co-wrote on this one and he nailed the vocals like the pro he is! I want to thank my buddy Shon Cagle, Nashville Country Artists for connecting Tony and I so we could write this song.
Thank you and God Bless, Bobby Swift

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