What is Love- Poem by Sheri-Lynn

What is Love- Poem by Sheri-Lynn

If someone came up to me and asked me, “Sheri how do you define Love?” sheri lynn I would say, do you have awhile, because different people see love through  different eyes.  Now you ask, “I am not just asking anyone, I am asking, you.” Anyone can say “I Love You.”  But not everyone can show they Love you.

So just because someone may say, I love you, they may be holding back, if you don’t feel the love come from that person.  Then on the other hand, someone may Love you and not say it, but you feel it.  So what do you prefer?  My preference is to feel Love, because when you feel it, you know it’s real.  Because like I say, anyone can say those 3 little words.

So let me tell you what I feel about Love, and you will know, that Love is something very special to me.  Here is my definition of Love..

Well, to me Love is so many things wrapped up in one.  Love is something that you have to feel, in order to see it.  When love is truly present, you’ll see it in someone’s eyes.  Their eyes light up when you walk into a room, they perk up when your name is mentioned, they do what they can in hopes of maybe running into you if possible.  They will go out of their way to see you, even if they are taking a risk.  They will even give something up in order to spend time with you, especially if they know you are counting on them.  They don’t want to disappoint you, and if they feel you are disappointed, they are hurting too. Love really does have no measure, it is something that you feel deep within.   A person can love someone but not be in love with that person.  For instance, a close friend, co-worker something of that nature.  Or maybe they once loved a person, with all their heart, but things just didn’t work out, even after years of trying.  Two people with totally different goals in life, and it took years to realize it.  Years to finally accept the fact that life is passing them by, and there is something missing, and they have a need to  fill the gap before their time is up.

Love is not suppose to hurt, love is suppose to make one feel like someone special, someone that can hold true meaning in their hand and know that by loving someone they are truly making a difference in someone’s life.  Love is holding one in your arms and you know and feel loved.  You can feel it by the way you are being embraced.  The warmth, the tenderness.

Love is not measured by time, a person can find love in an instant, the connection is there, when two soul mates look at each other there is this undeniable bond from day one that can not be described unless you have felt it.   The only people who can understand it, is the ones who have been there.  Not everyone has been given this gift, so if you have you are truly special.  Or keep your heart open, and real love will finds it’s way in.

Love is something that no human being can do without, you could not exist without some kind of love.   Some fall into the trap of thinking that the material world is Love.  Oh, when I get this expensive car, or that diamond ring I know that it is true love.  Don’t kid yourself, it’s not love.  Love can only be felt, it is something that you take with you when you go.  You can’t take that diamond ring or that shiny car.  You have to have Love in your heart to know the true meaning, and for those who are a little mixed up in their thinking of what Love is, I feel sorry for you.  You are missing out on the greatest gift in the world, the greatest gift of all.

Love can make you feel like you are on top of the world!  It can make your heart race with excitement!  It can make you feel like the most beautiful or handsome person in the world, and you are, if someone truly Loves you.  They will find a way of letting you know how wonderful you are, and you can see it in their eyes that they are speaking from the heart.

So why do so many not follow their hearts?  Because they are such loving people who even in their want to be with the one they truly love, they don’t want anyone else to be hurt.  So they sacrifice and hope that one day, they will be with their true love.  And live out their lives with the Love they were destine to be with.

Love is time, when someone loves someone they want to spend time with them.  Make them feel special, be their for them when they are hurting.  When someone truly loves someone they take the time to know how that person is feeling even if it only be through their voice, you know something is wrong, you sense it, you feel it.  When they hurt you hurt too.  You do and say what needs to be said in order to comfort them.  You let them know that you are there for them no matter what, nothing is more important than you.

Love is also letting someone have their space, let them do things they enjoy without giving them grief.  Love is being proud to walk side by side with them, not in front of or behind them.   Love is not making that person feel ashamed of their looks, way of dress, or moods.

Love is taking the time to see how their day went, and really be listening to them.  Love is putting yourself in their shoes and be understanding on how they feel about certain situations.  Life is not easy all the time, but with Love it can be so much easier.  Love is not being judgmental, and putting your ideas and thoughts down.  By giving you support, and understanding.  Even if you may not understand at the time.  Voice your opinion, but don’t be negative and degrading.

Love is being able to sit and day dream about that someone special, and send out vibes to them that in hopes that they feel your presents.  Love is finding something that you share, so that when you see it, it will always remind them of you when you’re not around, you know that they will be thinking of you, and you of them.

Love is the most precious of any act in the world.  True love is pure bliss, being open, sharing, kindness, feeling of joy, happiness, feeling of belonging,  and giving of ones self unconditionally.  That is what Love is.

Love is sometimes even knowing when to let go, let go of something that isn’t working any longer, even though it may hurt.  But in time, it will all work out, and that will allow your heart to be open to receive what is trying to find it’s way in.

Like the tide of the ocean, let the Love flow into your heart.  As the water crashes against the rocks, may you release all the pain of the past and open your heart, to allow an undeniable love reach your soul.”

Everyone deserves to be Loved in a way that reaches their soul, and may you find your Love and fill your Life with the most beautiful Gift of all, Love..

Now do you see what Love is to me?   You asked, and I have spoken.  Loving someone should not be hard to do, it should be something that comes easy, it should be something that keeps you going, makes you feel good about yourself, makes you want to live forever.  Love puts a smile upon your face, joy in your heart, and peace within your soul.  By the time you leave this world, may you know what it feels like to give and receive love to the fullest.

May we all experience this kind of Love, because Love we can take with us when we  go, being it is engraved into our hearts and souls.   As well as leave an impression on those we leave behind….

Sheri Lynn

“Look to the moon for it shines with beauty and a sense of calmness.”

“Look to the stars as they twinkle with the thought of our loved ones who have passed watching out for us.”

“Look to the blue sky as it brings a sense of health and well being.”

“Look to the one that you Love, for understanding, devotion, kindness, and a love that will carry you on forever.”

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