Lasvegaz-Roni and Nessy Vega

Lasvegaz-Roni and Nessy Vega

They are small town girls with big dreams. (Roni and Nessy Vega ages 22 and 20). roni vanessa vegaLasvegaz-Roni and Nessy Vega the duo (sisters) started singing at a young age. Ever since then it has been their life long dream.

They have performed at local charitable events and talent shows. All the songs on this page were written by LasVegaz.

The songs were inspired by situations that could happen to the youth today. Roni is what you call a “Jack of all trades”. She can sing, dance, act, do makeup, and is very articulate.

Roni was recently cast as a lead in a theatre production of “Snow White” . Nessy can also sing, dance, and act.

Nessy has received the same training as Roni. Both girls have taken voice lessons, piano lessons, dance lessons, and even a little bit of guitar, at a very young age.

The girls have attended acting and musical theatre workshops. Roni is very out going and humorous. Vanessa is more reserved, but the girls collaborate extremely well.

They are also avid readers and this transpires in some of the lyrics in their songs.

Roni and Nessy can also sing in Spanish and are currently learning how to speak it more fluently.
Although resources are limited, they use every resource they can find to make their music available to their fans.  View and Vote on our Videoz


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