Anastasia Lee

Anastasia Lee

You would be hard-pressed to find many teen artists with a list of achievements as memorable as those cherished by Classical Crossover singer Anastasia Lee.

AnastasiaLee The 19-year-old from Green Bay, Wisconsin can already recount stories about performing live with global pop star Josh Groban and winning an international TV singing competition held in Romania in which she was selected to represent the United States of America.

So what attracts Anastasia Lee to the Classical Crossover genre when most artists her age are pursuing careers in pop, country, or R&B?

“The truth of the matter is that I have a voice that is very well suited for the classical or operatic styles of music that I enjoy,” says Anastasia. “however I also love the songs and sounds of so many genres so Classical Crossover became an easy fit for me. It allows me to take this Classical Crossover sound and apply it to songs from genres like Country, Light Pop, Broadway, Jazz, etc.”

Having an interest in so many genres and a willingness to broaden her own horizons has given Anastasia an opportunity to challenge herself in several ways. She admits to pushing the envelope further than many other independent artists in that her music has included songs from nine musical genres performed in nearly a dozen different languages. And while she cites her Russian and Italian ancestry as major influences, Anastasia is also quick to mention the name of one artist that has always held a special place in her heart and soul.

Anastasia Lee“I have so much admiration for Elvis Presley. He had a tremendous voice and Apollonian looks and he was incredibly generous and kind to all people,” she explains. “And he had a personal love for his fans. He would spend hours taking pictures and signing autographs while on tour and at Graceland.”

Anastasia Lee also has a great deal of admiration for global recording artist Josh Groban. Imagine her surprise when Groban asked her to join him on stage for a duet during a show at the Resch Center in Wisconsin.

Anastasia was only 14-years-old at the time and the video of her and Groban singing To Where You Are quickly became a YouTube sensation, since then it has accumulated over 2 million views.

Two years later, Anastasia was selected to represent the United States in the international TV singing competition known as Music For Kids.

To take part in the competition, Anastasia had to spend a week in Romania where she was matched up against talent from Europe. The competition, which was televised in Europe, was judge by twenty music professionals from around the globe. It ended with Anastasia Lee being named champion of her age group.

Even though travelling, performing, and being a high honors high school student and varsity athlete demand a great deal of her time, Anastasia still makes it a point to continue learning about the music industry and what one must do to achieve success.


Anastasia LeeShe is a member of Music Industry Blueprint, an exclusive group of artists being mentored by former Taylor Swift manager Rick Barker.

“Rick’s ideas and strategies on using social media to communicate with fans have been extremely beneficial. And learning about what a website should look like or be modeled after has been helpful as far as getting more Internet traffic,” says Anastasia.

She also devotes part of her time drawing attention to organizations and charities known for helping children.

“I have always been a softie for children and seeing children having to deal with diseases and other problems normally attributed to adults is, to me, devastating,” she explains. “Children shouldn’t have to worry about things like cancer.

My mom had cancer when I was 13 and it was a really hard time for my family. Children having to go through the same thing is simply unacceptable.”

It is for those reasons that Anastasia decided that child healthcare would be an important cause to which she could draw attention.

She is an active supporter of St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital…an organization for which Anastasia’s inspiration, Elvis Presley, was also a powerful advocate. Other causes she supports include Jeff Gordon’s Children’s Foundation, St. Vincent DePaul, and Paul’s Pantry food pantry. Video Voting Site

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