Doug Nichols

Doug Nichols

A transplant from Houston Texas, Doug Nichols has found his home in San Francisco.

doug nicholsHe has been playing guitar for Julie Courtney and other artists in the bay area for the past seven years and is now working on his own acoustic EP with famed music producer Michael Rodriguez.

He is combining his love of music, travel and sailing into simple musical stories with complex undercurrents

Like most people Doug always dreamed of playing guitar and singing songs that made people smile and feel something special.

At age 25 he bought his first guitar and taught himself to play by ear the songs he loved growing up.

His love for music was deep rooted in classic singer songwriters styles such as Gordon Lightfoot and Cat Stevens.

He had been raised on Willie Nelson and John Conlee as a child and In college he began to listen to Texas Country Music singers such as Robert Earl Keen and Lyle Lovett.

When he began writing his own songs he wanted to take these styles and create beautiful melodies intertwined with the stories from his own travel logs.

doug nicholsYears later Doug met Bay Area singer Julie Courtney and began playing guitar for her and other San Francisco artist. He was able to fine tune his guitar playing at some of the most beloved venues on the west coast.

After a few years he began to learn to sing and decided it was time to start recording his own original material that he had been writing for years

Through a friend Doug was introduced to Michael Rodriguez who had produced Albums for some of the greatest artist of our time such as Boz Scaggs and Bonnie Raitt. Michael appreciated Doug’s passion for music and agreed to help him on his path.

He introduced Doug to famed vocal coach Deborah Winters and sent him back to fine tune and dig deeper into his lyrics.

Currently they are finishing up a four song acoustic ep which is slated to drop in April.

Doug is Currently playing venues all over the Bay Area honing his skills and preparing to record his first full length Album which he hopes to have out by early 2017.

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