Texas Crossing

Texas Crossing

From the hills, to the beaches and everywhere in between this Texas duo can be seen rockin the stages of honkytonks bars and parties everywhere in between.

Texas CrossingTexas country in its most unadulterated form with male and female vocals that will want to make you sing along and dance all night long!

Not Your Average Duo to stay for sure! acoustical song swap will have you wondering what they might sing next!

They are a Texas local and are a band that unlike most musicians, they do not seek fortune or fame; just their spot in the world. They are not a part of the “Bubblegum”, “Tracor Rap” or “Bro Country” trends, they are a mix between traditional styled country, mixed in with a little modern twist… “This only pushes them to be Country’s Redemption as well; if they don’t do it who will?”

It is their mission to bring back that old fashion country music with a modern twist of course!

Along in their mission, they have touched the lives of many people. They are sponsored by Lone Star Beer (Tiffany is the first ever female to be sponsored by them, as well as them being the first #Duo). They are also sponsored by The Pretty Pistol Boutique and Bodacious Boots.



Texas CrossingThe band has also played at some great places like; Clark Garden Botanical Park Antique Car Show (Weatherford), Crossroads Steakhouse and Saloon (Fredericksburg), Broken Spoke (Austin), The Brazos Valley Fair (Bryan/ College Station opening for Earl Thomas Conley), Laguna Bob’s (South Padre Island), Gatesville Country Music Hall of Fame (Gatesville) The Buchanan Dam Beach Club (Buchanan Dam), and have many more booked throughout this great state of Texas for the months to come including the Bluebonnet Festival (With Jason Boland and The Stragglers and Bri Bagwell!!) as well as the South Texas Festival Opening for Aaron Watson, while playing with some amazing talent including The Bellamy Brother, Ray Wylie Hubbard, Josh Ward, Jon Wolfe, and many others!

On July 29, 2014 the Band was officially welcomed into the Songwriters Across Texas family forever being now on their “Wall of Fame”!!

The two songs they recorded aired on CW Austin with over 48,000 viewer and in 40 languages, and is available for viewing off their website as well as the edited clips that they have provided on their pages!

On March 20, 2015 the Texas Crossing Band welcomed into the Gatesville Country Music Hall of Fame when they played their stage.

The Full band received awards for Honorary Members for life, Band of The Month and Appreciation Award. Each member received awards for their music talent as well!

Texas Crossing

Texas CrossingWhen the band originated back in 1992, it included; Colt Buckelew, Billy Highsmith, and Duck & Johnny Harris. Colt Buckelew decided to re-start the band with Tiffany in May of 2011.

The lead vocalist, back-up vocalist, and lead and rhythm guitarist, and songwriter; Colt “The Tramp” Buckelew, has been in the business for many years already. Colt was born and raised in Burnet, Texas.

He started playing guitar and writing songs when he was 14 years old. Along his journey he has traveled to Nashville and come back with a bad taste in his mouth.

Colt stayed around his hometown to help take care of his dying grandmother, and after her passing there has been nothing holding him back! 😀 Texas music is where he prefers to stay and with his deep, raspy voice and charmingly good looks, he has given a new face to country.

The lead vocalist, back-up vocalist, and rhythm guitarist, Tiffany “The Lady” Valentine, didn’t start playing the guitar until May of 2011, but she took to it like a duck in water.

Her Grandfather and Grandmother would have never imagined the journey that would take place by just giving her that old Indiana Colt (guitar) for a graduation gift.

As she continued her education in Psychology, she advanced in the music world as well.

Deciding that music was her path, she jumped in head first to start all the behind the scenes action for the band with booking, promotions, and constant maintenance of the page. She is now an accomplished musician showing her vocal skills and blowing folks minds away each time! It’s like a Siren; it’s so beautiful, you can’t help but to stop and listen.

Now driven by her passion for music, and being blessed with a deep, bluesy, and soulful sound; she has definitely had a good start off to what could be considered a blessed career.


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