Iveta & Simone

Iveta & Simone

Iveta & Simone are a professional female singer duo with 10+ years of experience in New Zealand, Australia and Europe.

Iveta & SimoneIveta Vasileva has an extensive musical background and musical performance.

Her style includes ballads, pop and latino music. Her voice is often compared to Celine Dion. She performs most of the world known hits (repertoire of Celine Dion, Cher, Shania Twain, Faith Hill, Fergie, Madonna, Shakira, Leona Lewis, many others).

Iveta was playing a piano from 1982 to 1990. Moreover, Iveta started her singing career with a children vocal group from 1985 to 1995. During this period she has taken part in many festivals, concerts and TV shows, winning many prestigious awards across many European countries.

Her solo singer career started in the middle 90s, when she was awarded the prestigious international music competition EURODISC.

ivetaFurthermore, in the same period she was awarded the Grand Prix of ART ROCK CENTER for exceptional musical performance.

Iveta was designated as a one of the most prominent talents on many international music festivals and competitions, including the international festival “Chernovci”.

She has an extensive singing experience in live performance both solo and with bands. She has been preferred guest singer in a number of concerts, corporate events and government campaigns.

Iveta has been invited as a special guest in top musical TV shows and programmes (incl. musical MM TV, musical MM2 TV, national TVs Channel 1, BTV, NTV).

She has released a number of singles in top selling musical compilations, her musical video clips are in the top of music charts and she has been constantly rated as a top-notch singer and performer.




simoneSimone Brook
Artist, Song writer, performer, Makeup artist, Hair dresser

Born in Levin and raised in Shannon and moved up to Auckland at the age of 11.

Maori Danish French Italian Tahitian

Simone is currently producing and song writing with fellow artist Iveta on their upcoming album.

Growing up In a musical family allowed Simone to really be immersed in the entertainment industry.
Singing with her family from a very young age was a huge part of her surroundings. By the age of 7, she was already singing to an well receptive audience.
Simone enjoys all type of music. She is versatile and able to adjust and assimilate into many different genre’s like a musical cameleon.

Simone connects with diverse range of audiences which keeps her modern and fresh.
She has performed in talent TV shows such as: Chickaboom, Here’s Andy and opportunity knocks.
Iveta & Simone are a professional female singer duo with 10+ years of experience in New Zealand, Australia and Europe.
Their song list/repertoire includes more than 200 songs with a diverse style. They have numerous regular shows across New Zealand and they are well accepted by diverse age audience. In addition to that, they are working on their CD with an European producer.


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