Greg Arcade

Greg Arcade

Greg Arcade is a Canadian County Music singer and songwriter.

Greg ArcadeUnapologetically the outlaw and unafraid to be the outcast, Greg Arcade is an embodiment of the spirit of country music. A
performer, songwriter, producer, multi-instrumentalist, graphic-designer, photographer, audioengineer, and video producer; his wide range of talents allow him to keep moving strong and
steady like a freight train bound for glory.

Greg began performing at age 16. He joined a religious band performing spiritual music at local churches. He completed his first tour of Western Canada at age 18. Returning from this tour helped him realize that the music road was the path he was born to take. Greg Arcade wanted to begin recording and producing records. He began digging deep into the roots of the modern music he’d hear on the radio. He left his job in a research and development department at a local tractor factory, as well as his nearly complete degree in mechanical engineering, and
ventured into the world.

Greg began to play piano and organ for bands venturing out on a few Eastern Canadian tours. In this time he worked towards developing his personal skill on many instruments including guitars, double-bass, drums, and longer list of other instruments. He began working with recording interfaces, software, and tape machines in his spare time. he spent hours reading about the sciences behind the sounds. It wasn’t long before he wanted to put this knowledge to use.

Greg ArcadeGreg Arcade began starting bands left, right, and centre. After a number of attempts and idea, one began to stick: The Thiefs later The Noble Thiefs. A motown-soul style ensemble. The band performed every bar in town and gained momentum like nothing had locally for years. Winning a sizeable grant through Manitoba Film And Music allowed the band to enter a world class studio.

Touring and time passed before things began to break down and Greg decided to venture out on his own to pursue a sound he was more passionate about. To support himself in the meantime, he took a job in the agricultural and equine sectors at various engineering firms.

The call to play music was there, but the direction wasn’t clear. His exposure to the countryside and small town industry would later bleed its way into his sensibilities. Greg Arcade began performing and found himself a spot as an integral part of the Canadian garage rock scene. He started a band called The Electrics which would see his songwriting start to break into the college-radio circuit.

The call to focus on a solo effort was always in the back of his mind, his guitar tone was always a little too honky for rock, and the dramatic politics of underground rock & roll community became bothersome to Greg. There had to be a better way so he refocused his energies on honing his audio engineering skills.

Greg took the twang-guitar he had and put it back where it belonged the whole time… He began tracking and found himself following one of his true passions musically: authentic country music. Before long, there was a whole album sitting on his computer with no name to release it under.

Greg Arcade the brand was born. Greg Arcade and his Rockin’ Band were a country and rockabilly trio which came out of the gate screaming. Their namesake taken from a line in a Chuck Berry song, took this spirit of oldschool rock & roll and mashed it against a heartbeat country sound like something off of a Johnny Cash record. His small troupe gained traction and we offered slots at festivals around Canada with even a couple spot-bookings in Europe. The band performed at notable venues like the Historic Metropolitan Theatre, Dauphin’s Countryfest, and The Winnipeg Centennial Concert Hall among many others.


gregarcadecdGreg Arcade’s Dust And Smoke is a brand new spike in the railroad line. Radio play all over North America and a hot new band to play the songs, Greg Arcade is back on track and gaining steam. Greg is expanding his reach and focusing on the heartlands of the continent: where the real people are. Where the real people want to hear some real music.

His new release, while already being his most polished and widely accepted to date is more than an album: it’s a statement about the man himself. He’s back. He’s shed the drama that surrounded his younger self. He’s not trying to impress anyone and he’s doing it for himself. The train is leaving the station so buy a ticket to ride because this train is about the music.

If you’ve made it this far down the page you might want to keep going just a little further. Greg himself wanted to leave you with a little message, ”Remember: Outlaws never die, they just gotta hide out once in a while.” If you ask me, I think the time for hiding is over.

Special acknowledgement to Sheri Lynn Burkhardt for her contribution to this article

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