Ash Gilligan – Wonderful time of year.

Ash Gilligan – Wonderful time of year.

There is not much time left until Christmas, this is when everyone goes mad doing Christmas shopping, it’s a nightmare…!

As kids, we would love Christmas, eager to know what Father Christmas would bring us, that is if we were good! The excitement would build up at the start of December, counting down the days until Christmas day. The night before Christmas Day my brother and I would put a mince pie and carrot on a plate for Father Christmas and his reindeer, I’m sure that tradition still goes on today!

Because of the excitement, we could not sleep, and kept on going through to the lounge to see if Father Christmas had been, my parents would say we needed to sleep otherwise Father Christmas would not come to our house. The excitement the next morning is priceless…to see the mince pie and carrot gone was through the roof! And the presents under the tree! Wow! Something I will never forget is the whole family getting together for the day – so much to eat, so much to do!

These days as adults you realise how much work goes into Christmas Day, the celebration of the special day. The shopping for presents, food etc is a total nightmare. Trying to find parking is like trying to find a needle in a haystack! Everyone seems to go a bit mad at this time, the lead up to Christmas.

On the day, the real work starts, the prepping and cooking of the food…only for it to be eaten in about 10 minutes! Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas Day, but the work involved is heavy going lol! It seems to be one day of the year where so much food is prepared – and eaten again the next day, Boxing Day. It is also a day where a lot of money gets spent(!)

Before I forget, I hope all my USA followers and friends had a great Thanksgiving? I would love to hear your stories and see your pics of Thanksgiving!

Stay tuned for my next article, see you soon!

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