Ashlynne Vince

Ashlynne Vince – CCMA Recording Artist/ New Single now at Radio & on Itunes ‘Take Cover’.

This past September, Ashlynne made the permanent move to Nashville, TN. where she now works as one of Tootsies daily singers performing regularly downtown on Lower Broadway

Ashlynne Vince is a Canadian singer/songwriter who has had the privilege to work with many well-known artists on both sides of the border.

She has released 3 singles to Canadian Country radio and her 3rd single, Take Cover,is currently being played on radio stations all across Canada, coast to coast.



Ashlynne Vince is excited to call Nashville, TN home! After many months of careful planning, Ashlynne has made the move to Nashville where she continues to song-write and collaborate with some of Country Music’s finest.

Her 4th single “Love You Anyway “is being released to Canadian Country Radio on January 15th, 2018

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Singer at Tootsies/Rippys/Honky Tonk Central
Nashville Recording Artist
Canadian Country Music



Single – ‘Take Cover’
Single – “Stupid Love”
Single – “No Boys Allowed”
Ed Gary

Country Music Hall of Famer, Ed was born Edward Gary Holcombe in 1945 to the Reverend Earl Forrest Holcombe and Maybell Kathrine Dean Holcombe at the John Gaston Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee.

Ed Gary, as country music fans came to know him, grew up around music as Memphis was a melting pot for music genres like Gospel, Rockabilly, Blues and Country. and with both sides of his family being blessed with singers and musicians. In addition, both his father and mother were gospel singers, so it came natural for Ed to find the interest to be a singer and musician.

Ed first sang in his father’s church at the age of three. He learned to play guitar by the time he was nine years old. And shortly after that, he was being heard on a weekly radio show when he was just ten!


Ed later moved to Nashville where he continued to hone his talents with country music and gained the respect and support of the country music community.

His made his first recording at the age of seventeen (circa 1962) – a couple of country classics – “Blackboard Of My Heart” b/w “Am I That Easy To Forget”.

Those recordings were the beginning of a long career in the music he loved—Country Music.

It was in 1980 that he met music producer John (Fish man) Fisher. In the latter part of the 1980s and early 1990s, Fish Man would produce Ed’s music for the Player International Label, leading to three Number One hits for Ed.


The only “problem” was that they were all Number One in Europe and only made it as high as the Top 30 charts here in the United States.

Mr. Fisher suffered a major stroke in 1993 and that meant Ed was without a producer again. But he regrouped and released a TV album for CMI in early 1993.

To date he has had 18 # 1’s on indie charts world wide

Ed now lives in Glendale, Arizona, which is a suburb of Phoenix. Ed is still singing and playing bass in his four piece band plus being booked as a single and duo shows.

Over the years he has been blessed to work with some of the biggest and best names in the music business. In early years he was a front man for many big acts and later as opening act for package shows. He was also the headliner of his own shows.

To name a few he has roused the crowds for: Ernest Tubb, Dolly Parton, Loretta Lynn, David Houston, Ronnie Milsap, Mac Wiseman, Bill Anderson, Roy Acuff, Little Jimmy Dickens, Hank Snow, Tanya Tucker, Barbara Mandrell. and many more.

Ed even did a pre show for Elvis. As you can see, the list goes on and on.

He has hosted his own television and radio shows across America. He was featured on The Ralph Emory Show, The Jerry Lewis Telethon in its early days, Lee Mace’s Ozark Opry from Osage Beach, Missouri and and last, but not least, The Grand Ole Opry.

He is now President/Talent coordinator and General Manager of the Prescott Opry.

Ed has also found the time to appear in a few movies, 96 in all, such as Coal Miners Daughter and Smokey and the Bandit.

Some of the films from


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Kevin Fischer

Kevin Fischer Born in 1972 in Lloydminster, Saskatchewan in Canada. “There was always what is classic country now, playing in the house. Which instilled my deep love for country music. Especially artists like George Jones, Merle Haggard and Johnny Cash.” says Kevin

Even though music was always around and a big part of his life, “it was not until my early 20’s; in the mid 1990’s, when I found my voice, a bit of a late bloomer, I guess.” says Kevin. At this point he was now living in Calgary, Alberta and started hosting karaoke shows to start honing his singing voice and getting comfortable in front of audiences.

“During a chance meeting one night at one of the shows I met a guy that worked for WSM radio that happened to be in Calgary that would set the course of my life for the next few years. Long story short, within a few weeks I was in a studio recording my first single that I had wrote, Put The Word Out, and was on my way to Nashville.” says Kevin

Like so many before and so many after Kevin and some bad luck and bad advice along the way, he ended up going home. Just thankful for the shot and the experience.

“The dream and the music, the fire now burned hotter than ever and through the early 2000’s to end of the decade I spent a lot of time on the road as one half of the duet Silhouette touring Western Canada.” says Kevin

More recent years have been spent on writing because of a diagnosis of chronic migraines and cluster headaches. The chronic migraines are the toughest to get through because the doctors have not been able to break his current cycle that he is in. “I have had my current migraine for over 3 1/2 years with no break. 24 hours a day in constant pain.” says Kevin

“So just getting through each day some days is a victory for me. But I will not let this beat me and I will not give up because the music still lives in me.” says Kevin

Kevin says “as any artist can attest to, once you have sang one song that has moved someone, you want to sing another.

Once you have wrote one song, that has touched someone’s heart, you want to write another one. Well my song has not been sung and my pen still has ink.”


Steff Nevers

Born 1975 in Norway. Steff Nevers grew up in a little community called Modum where he developed a deep appreciation for music. As a young country boy he listened a lot to Kenny Rogers as his father was a big fan. With deep musical and artistic roots in the family it was no doubt what this young boy was destined to do. Steff’s grandfather was a musician and a violin-maker, this gave the young boy inspiration to study the art of classical violin. But after moving to the city Drammen in Norway he started playing guitar.

As a teenager he played in different local bands and started studying the arts of classical guitar. Steff became renowned for his good musical ear and exceptional guitar skills and was hired as a session guitarist in many occasions. At his young age he also won several classical guitar talent competitions.

It was merely accidental that Steff started singing in his early twenties. At a party with some friends they made him aware of his great country voice. He started digging into country and Bluegrass music and discovered a whole new world. Like so many others he found inspiration in Garth Brooks and Alan Jackson. This was the trigger for a career in country music.

In the summer 2007 Steff gets on a plane and flies to Nashville to do the recordings of his first album. The team in Nashville got him the best musicians available in the country music industry today.

After making a successful and highly acclaimed album an historic event took place. First country artist in Norwegian history to get signed with Universal Music in Norway.

In early 2009 they launched the album ‘Closest To MY Heart’ with one of the biggest PR campaigns in Norwegian history. Within 2 weeks the album went Gold and was nominated for a Norwegian Grammy.

After a rocket start in Steff’s career he was personally invited by the country star Toby Keith to support his European tour. When Toby was on stage he couldn’t say enough good things about Steff supporting his show.

The Year after Steff went to Nashville once again to record the follow up album. Again he produced the album himself and was yet again able to make a highly acclaimed album ‘Ain’t No Bad Life’.

Once again Steff was nominated for a Norwegian Grammy.
After touring Norway’s music scene he started to get noticed in the rest of Europe. Resulting in performances in countries like France, Germany, Scandinavia and Spain amongst others.

This led to a nomination by the British CMA award as ‘European artist of the year’ and 3 LDA Hall of fame awards.

In 2012 Steff’s team launch a live album ‘LIVE from the country’ with raving reviews. This album was very successful In north of Spain.

Almost all the songs on his albums has become a line dance. 2015 the last studio ‘Million Kinds of Heaven’ was released on his own label.

Now, Steff Nevers is planning on releasing new singles across the world.

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Twitter: ​​
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“Big City Cowgirl”

Photo by Kevin Kane

Sondra Toscano is a New York songwriter, vocalist, and entertainer who records under the name “Big City Cowgirl.” Her unique, raspy voice adds flavor to her brand of Country Music which has its roots in all types of music. Toscano’s love of music dates back as far as she can remember.

She has been songwriting since she was a pre-teen. Her parents’ musical tastes were comprehensive and she was exposed to all genres, but her mother’s penchant for country music was quickly passed along to her. Toscano notes that country music tells a story in a way like no other so she naturally gravitated to it. In fact, her country music ode, “Country Music In My Heart,” tells the story of how she fell in love with country music.

To what she listened and what she wrote, however, were largely different for quite some time. Toscano joined bands playing all styles of music and wrote the gamut. She even created an East Coast/West Coast female dance music duo! But country music found its way back to the surface after she took some time to focus on starting a family and establishing a career in law.

Photo by Kevin Kane

When she realized that she didn’t have to trade a personal life for a career in music, she started songwriting again. What she wrote has become her signature. She acknowledges that she doesn’t follow the mainstream – she writes from her heart and soul – whatever comes naturally – and hopes that it makes her mark . Her aim is straightforward – to make a positive difference in peoples’ lives through song. To that end, she says that her greatest desire is for her songs to become a part of the soundtrack of people’s lives. Toscano has already released an EP entitled “City Zipcode, Country Heart,” and several singles.

Her EP is a collection of some of her tunes, loosely based upon the life experiences of her family, friends, and acquaintances. “Rode Off Into The Sunset (That Night),” is an Americana inspired love story set in the Wild West, “Game of Love,” is a ballad which ponders the mercurial dance we all do towards finding our forever love, and “Love on the Open Road” is a feel-good, road trip song.

Toscano continues to make music despite her very busy schedule of working as a public service lawyer and taking care of her husband, toddler, and three adorable dogs. Her newest music will be released at the end of this year. “That Sure Looked Like Leavin’ To Me” is about reflecting on what went wrong in a relationship and remaining strong after a breakup and “We Got All Kinds of Crazy Here” is a sing-along bar song.

Photo by Mike Epstein

Sondra has the full encouragement of her family, especially her little girl, who likes to help her write songs. Her music can be downloaded and/or streamed through Amazon, iTunes, and just about any other social media music platforms.
Fun Facts
Sondra is a strong supporter of animal rights. She does not eat meat or dairy and creates yummy dishes of her own for her family as they travel towards veganism.

Sondra has held all sorts of jobs which included working at a catering hall, as a camp counselor, as a secretary, as the administrator of a religious organization, at a pharmacy, as a promoter in clubs, as a manager for a band, as a prosecutor, and as a civil rights attorney.

Sondra has been the frontwoman for several local bands – she has sung heavy metal, rock music, dance music, pop music, and country.

Sondra has worked with European Producer “Big Don” Taylor and even moved to Greece for six months to record there.

Sondra has three dogs – all named after food (Peanut, Cocoa & Oreo) – and she would continually add to her fur baby menagerie if her husband hadn’t put a limit on the amount of animals in their home.

She likes to listen to all types of music including Rock, Reggae, Salsa, Merengue, Disco, R&B, Adult Contemporary, Americana, County and House Music.

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American Road

When American Road released their debut 5 song EP, “I Dream in Country”, in March of 2016, it was a big step. They hadn’t really built up a following as of yet, but felt getting their music out there first was the way to go.

The EP garnered great response and their debut single, “U.N.I.R. Country”, became a regular that spring/summer on Thunder 106.3 FM’s “High Octane” show on Friday nights. Soon they began to hear themselves all over the country on various internet radio stations.

Several New Jersey college stations got wind of them as well and put them into regular rotation.

The band then started getting calls to open for national acts at venues across the state.

To date, American Road has opened for Tyler Farr, Chase Rice and Parmalee and been nominated for 5 Josie Independent Music Awards. Not bad for a band barely 2 years old.

“I Dream In Country”
American Road  5 song EP, “I Dream in Country”

“We attribute any success we’ve had so far, to our songs. We believe in them as well as each other.” Instead of riding on the initial wave from the EP, American Road decided to get back into the studio. “We’ve just got so many songs to share with everyone. Our fans that love the EP are hungry to hear more and more.

A full length album is near completion and will be out by the upcoming holidays.

The CD will have 11 new songs. “Some of the songs on this cd have been part of our live shows for a while now. “The Weekend”, “Ain’t Enough Whiskey” and “Thicker Than Blood” are already fan favorites.

Along with even newer tunes like “Crazy Love”, “Brave and Free” and “Here and Now”, fans new and old will notice one thing that American Road has always been proud to show, diversity.

This album will have everything, ballads, rockers and songs to make you wanna dance. There will even be a lullaby. “Chase Your Dreams” and “One Kiss Away” go into areas even far more experienced bands wouldn’t go. “Since we first started, it was agreed we would come out swinging, holding nothing back. We love trying new things and seeing people’s reactions”.

Singer/Songwriter Criss Patrik, Drummer Michael Garbe, Guitarist John DiStase and Bassist Brian Michaels believe they’ve got something very special. “It’s a great combo of country and rock and roll, great stories and emotions with driving, catchy tunes”. They can’t wait to get this album out there, but won’t rush it. “We originally wanted this out by summer, but things just took longer than expected. We refused to put out something that we didn’t feel was 100% right”.

The album titled “Music and Words” easily shows American Road’s growth in just a short time. The songs stretch over a range of emotions and fans will have a hard time picking their favorite track. “We want to give everyone a cd that they can put in their stereo, press play and just let it play over and over. And of course we plan to continue doing our live showing support of the songs, bringing them to life.”

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Ash G – Codie Prevost Fan Club UK

Her name is Ash, (female) and she manages the UK Fan Club for Codie Prevost.

“How the Fan Club started, I received a message from Codie, asking if I would like to listen to a song of his, which I did. I loved it! To cut a long story short, Codie then asked me if I would consider starting up a UK fan club, which I gladly accepted!” says Ash

“I really enjoy running Codie’s UK fan club, he is an awesome guy, always willing to help when he can. His music is out of this world, and his new album ‘Radio’ is due for release soon.” says Ash

W. Ed Harris

W. Ed Harris grew up in Miami, Florida, the oldest of five children. “We were fortunate in that we grew up in a modest home which was situated on a large lake. One of my fondest memories is of the time my dad and I had built a sailboat together. I’ll never forget the excitement the first day we put her in the water! I had a great childhood, and I had been blessed with a wonderful and supportive family”.

 Ed spent his childhood weekends mostly going exploring with friends, fishing, swimming, sailing, surfing, building forts, and playing music. “Every Saturday morning, we would be up before the sun, take off on our bikes and our parents would not see us again until just before sundown. Though I was an active kid, there was also an artistic side to me. I liked to draw, oil paint, and of course, play my guitar and mess around on the old “Story and Clark” upright piano we had. Music was always my greatest passion”.

 Ed was first introduced to the guitar around the age of 5. He credits his Mother in getting him interested in music at this early age. “Mom had purchased a small child-sized Stella parlor guitar from Sears I believe. I think she may have picked it up for herself initially, but having recognized my interest in music, soon encouraged me to play. Mom had a natural gift for music and had “perfect pitch”, and even though she had no formal music education, came up with the idea of tuning the guitar to an open chord”. Ed remembers that the very first song he learned on the guitar was ‘On Top of Old Smokey’. His mother had him place the small guitar flat on his lap and while singing the tune, teach him to listen for the chord changes. “The ingenious part in this teaching method was that by using the flat handle of a butter knife, I could simply lay the knife across a fret to make the chord changes when it was appropriate. This resulted in me being able to make music within a very short period of time while training my ear to listen for the chord changes. Also, without having to initially learn chord positions, endure sore fingers, and possibly give it up due to frustration, I believe this introduction to the guitar was paramount in making it a pleasurable experience initially for me”. It was a couple of years after this when Ed started piano lessons and began to read music. Around the age of twelve, Ed picked up the trumpet which he continued to play through college and as a young adult. “My mentors on the horn were Herb Alpert, Louis Armstrong, and Al Hirt. As a young adult, I performed with jazz ensembles, held first chair in orchestra for 5 years, and did a stint with the Drum and Bugle Corps for a while. Of course, I never stopped picking up the guitar and I always kept it close by”.

 Ed has never considered himself a vocalist. “Either, you are born with an exceptional voice or you’re not. I’m one of those who wasn’t and I’m ok with that. However, over time the voice does change, and I have been venturing out of my comfort zone recently. Though I am able to sing “on key” pretty well, and harmony has always come easy for me, I do consider myself an instrumentalist primarily”. Ed was always sought after as a backup musician and vocalist for this reason. “I was never one for being in the spotlight. What I enjoy most is the composition, arrangement, and musicality of a piece”.

 The guitar has remained Ed’s primary instrument throughout his life spanning 6 decades now. During this time, he studied Classical Guitar formally under the tutelage of Jose Serrano back in the late 70s while living in Arizona, studied music theory, played Jazz, and was in a few Folk, and Bluegrass bands. For the past 28 years, his focus has been on Celtic, Scottish, and Irish Music. “During the late 80s and most of the 90s, I volunteered as a sound engineer for the Fiddle and Bow Music Society. Fiddle and Bow was founded on Celtic Music and it was during this time I was richly introduced to this kind of traditional music. Since my heritage is Irish, it was a genre I immediately identified with”. Ed has picked up playing other instruments along the way and performs the instrumental work found on all his recordings. He has proficiencies in: Trumpet, Fiddle, Viola, Cello, Mandola, Mandolin, Piano, Acoustic Bass, Banjo, Recorder, Tin Whistle, Harmonica, Bouzouki, and Cittern among others. “It really isn’t that difficult in learning more than one instrument, especially if you already play an instrument. There are similarities between many instruments. For example, being a guitarist, and playing the fiddle, it’s not a stretch to play mandolin. The mandolin is fretted and shares similar hand coordination (chording and plectrum) and it shares the same tuning as the violin (fiddle)”. Asked about finding time to practice, Ed’s response is, “Practicing to me is like taking a shower, brushing my teeth, or breathing. I can’t imagine a day without practice. It’s not so much how many hours a day you practice, but it has more to do in how you practice and practice frequency. I also practice mentally as well. During the day I will visualize finger placement, phrasing, etc. which helps maximize practice when I am able to pick up an instrument. I have at times gone twelve hour stretches in practicing and other times I’ve practiced multiple short periods for only fifteen minutes or less each time but maybe twenty times during the day. I would leave the instrument out and every time I walk by it, pick it up and go over a passage, etc. Practice is different for every musician”.

 For Ed, music has always been personal, and he prefers being far removed from the competitiveness. “I remember playing for chairs in orchestra and then having to compete to keep first chair”. Sure, a little competition is a good thing and it does help keep a person motivated. I get it. However, I always had issue with competition in regard to artistic expression. Always seemed to me there was something not quite right with that”. There is no vanity in Ed’s music. The passion he has for the art is readily apparent. Ed has developed the ability to make his instrument an extension of himself; the vehicle by which he is most comfortable in expressing himself. He is able to convey and evoke profound emotion in the listener. “One of the biggest challenges I have found for a instrumentalist is to communicate an emotion using only the instrument that will connect with the listener on some level. People relate readily to vocals and lyrics, but it is more of a challenge to evoke emotion using instrumentation only”.

  “New technology is impacting the music industry and creating challenges for artists unlike we’ve ever seen before. We now have a generation that do not need to spend money for music. The upside is that indie artists now have more tools and resources available to them than they ever had before”. Ed adds that, “Although these new technologies have made possible for just about anyone to create music without having to play an instrument, performance will never become old-fashioned”. Ed states that he doesn’t perform much anymore, and that he has always enjoyed being in the studio more. However, he enjoys taking part in traditional Irish Sessions publicly that take place in nearby towns. “Music has always been central in my life, and I’ve elected not to pursue it at a professional level but simply as an avocation. For me, it eliminates the anxiety and competitiveness inherent to it, and it gives me complete freedom to pursue music for the sheer enjoyment in making music. I never want to lose that. I’ve always maintained that if my music makes a connection at some level, then it’s all worthwhile. However, I’m not pressured trying to build a fan base or worry about maintaining and keeping everyone happy”.

 Ed is passionate about music and believes that it should be used for good and that it should be shared. “Music has always provided me great enjoyment and sanctuary from the challenges of everyday life. I chose not to pursue music as a career for fear that in doing so, it would take some of the enjoyment out of it. I made the choice many years ago to keep it as an avocation and not try to make a living from it. I have a great deal of respect for those who have done so however. Though I have no regrets in this decision, if I was able do it over again, I think I would have studied music formally to become a composer. I am happy where I am musically, and I can’t imagine my life without it. I am content in that I truly create, record, and share music out of the sheer joy and love I have in doing it and not because I’m trying to get discovered or because it is something I have to do. I am truly free creatively, and that to me is my ‘happy place’. It truly is liberating. I’m just grateful that I’m still able to do what I love doing, and I will continue to do so for as long as I can. It’s been a fantastic ride of which I have met some very talented and wonderful artists and folks along the journey”! 


Websites and Social Media:

Personal Music Website:

Twitter: @EdHarrisMusic




“Two Rivers” released Jan. 2014 (Traditional and Contemporary Celtic Music featuring solo guitar, flute, fiddle, and more) – HarrisMusic label

“Celticophilia” released Jan. 2015 (Traditional and Contemporary Celtic Music) – HarrisMusic label

“The New Bern Seisiúns” released Feb. 2016 (Traditional Irish/Celtic Sesssion Music) – HarrisMusic label – Album nominated “Celtic Album of the Year by INEC, Scotland

“Reflections of the Heart” released Feb. 2017 (Contemporary Celtic Music) – HarrisMusic label

“The Well Below the Valley” – released Aug. 2017 (Traditional Celtic) – HarrisMusic label

“Celtic Christmas Reflections” – released Sep. 2016 (Celtic Christmas Music) – HarrisMusic label


 Film (Soundtracks):

“Crawdad Slip” – Documentary – Folk Films, Inc.

“New Life” – Documentary – Folk Films, Inc.

“8 Weeks in March” – Documentary – Folk Films, Inc.

 Audio and Sound Effect Projects:

“Theatrikos – Radio Theater 2013

“Inner Sanctum”, “Time Machine”, “Fibber & Molly”, Flash Gordon”


BMI (Broadcast Music, Inc.)

Fiddle & Bow Music Society

Northern Arizona Celtic Heritage Society

Arizona Irish Music Society

Grand Canyon Music Traditions Society

Four Peaks Irish Arts Council

Special Thank You to Sheri Lynn for introducing Ed to the magazine

Brenda Burch

I have been following Brenda for quite sometime now through social media. She has an amazing voice that not only captured my attention but also made me want to listen to more of her music and I realized then that it was only fitting that I take a closer look at what she had to offer as an Indie Artist.  I read the post in facebook that said she had received the   for her work as an and I knew at that moment she is going to be featured in the magazine. Brenda has so much to offer and I can only hope and pray that people reading this article will feel the same as I do because we need more people like Brenda in our lives.

More about Brenda

Described throughout her career as the little girl with a big voice, Brenda Burch has captivated audiences in the United States, Europe and Asia with her energetic performances, rich Country vocal style and ability to connect with a crowd through the emotive story of a song. Sharing the stage with Darius Rucker, David Archuleta, Neal McCoy, Diamond Rio and Collin Raye, among many others, has given her the chance to convey tales of love, life, loss and strength in her music to thousands of concert-goers.

Her newest EP, Sparks Will Fly, not only sparked attention in the USA, but it caught fire in Europe resulting in a big win for Brenda at the Hotdisc Country Music Awards. The only artist to take home 2 awards, she was the winning recipient of the New Horizon Award for Most Successful International Newcomer and Best International Single for her title track, Sparks Will Fly. “I was blown away to win both awards,” said Brenda. “Overwhelmed is an understatement. I’m so grateful for my family, friends, fans and all the wonderful DJs playing my music!” To hear Brenda’s full acceptance speech, click here.

The award-winning EP is compiled of six compelling songs that range from a tongue-in-cheek spin on dating life (“Sparks Will Fly”) to following your heart (“No Better Time”) and having the courage to love what matters most (“Take Me Back”). Her first single, “Sparks Will Fly,” released to radio debuting at #1 in Europe and staying at #1 for 6 weeks straight. Her second single, “No Better Time,” quickly became a fan favorite, claiming the #1 spot on a Country music chart voted on by the fans. Brenda exclaimed, “I’m thrilled with the positive response and am humbled both singles have been so well-received by DJs and listeners around the world. Thank you!”

After a successful Kickstarter campaign where Brenda surpassed her initial goal at 125%, she joined forces with a talented production team in Nashville to co-write and produce a record that showcases her warm, powerful Country sound backed by rockin’ Country rhythms and relatable stories.

Read more about Brenda by following her through these links:

Ian Roland & Simon Yapp

I have been listening to tracks from Ian Roland and Simon and found the music to be very upbeat and easy listening. You owe it to yourself to check them out, you will be pleasantly surprised.

Read more about Ian Roland & Simon Yapp below.

Ian Roland & Simon Yapp are a Roots, Folk duo of 12 string guitar and fiddle, from Brighton, UK, with:

“…more hooks than a long line fishing vessel.” Charlie Elland, FolkWords

“…cracking songs, entertaining and varied…packed with memorable tunes, upbeat, positive lyrics and fab playing…” Phil Widdows, FolkCast

Since 2015, when they started performing live as a duo, they have played 100 + gigs in Folk Clubs, Acoustic Nights and Pubs in Brighton, Bristol, Cambridge, London, Sussex and Kent.

Under the direction of producer, Nigel Stonier (Thea Gilmore, The Waterboys, Joan Baez, Martha Wainwright, Fairport Convention et al), the ‘Day Became You’ EP is Roland & Yapp’s latest release.


Day Became You (Jan 2017) available from Bandcamp.
“Take time to absorb the highly infectious music. Hear once and this will remain fixed in your head for days.”, Tim Carroll, Folkwords.



Suitcase – a live collection (July 2016) available from Bandcamp
“A great collection of songs full of heart”, Baylen Leonard, Amazing Radio.



How That Dust Jumps (April 2015) available from Bandcamp
Included in Americana UK’s ‘Writers Best Of 2015’. “… songs that define the word earworm…” R. Scutt, FATEA.



Helicopter (Jan 2014) available from Bandcamp
“a delightful gem to be sought out and listened to…” Keith Hargreaves, Americana UK.

Ian & Simon are currently working on a new EP, with cellist and vocalist
Brione Jackson, due for completion early 2018.


More about Roland & Yapp’s music can be found at