Michelle Storm

With a spoon for a microphone, Michelle was only three. Singing Dolly Parton songs and nurturing her dreams of music.

Michelle wrote poems, short stories, and song pieces throughout her childhood and was encouraged by her teachers and family members to continue.

Michelle raised her three children taking on many foster children as well as taking care of her ill parents and battling her own illnesses all while putting herself through college.

Her dreams of music and penning her own songs would begin becoming reality in early 2017.

Michelle packed up and moved to Nashville and began seriously recording her songs and compiling what is soon to be Michelle’s first Album Release entitled, “Legacy Of Love”.


Michelle has overcome a lot of obstacles in her life powering through and beyond her own expectations.

The honesty in her home grown songs and delivery ring true in her traditional country approach. Real life experience turned into songs.

Michelle Storm’s debut album will release in April 2018, and will be available worldwide. Itunes, Amazon, Google play, etc,etc.

Touring will be announced at a later date.


No matter which platform you use, I’m pretty certain you can stay connected.







Twitter Fraud “Make Sure you’ve got the Real Artist”

This past week while I was checking in on my Twitter page answering my Tweets and seeing what was going on in the Twitter world, a Tweet came in from one of my Followers. There it was a “Fake Account” of Sheri Lynn, me in all my glory, meaning my profile picture and 6 of my latest tweets. I must say these people who choose to do this sort of thing can work rather quickly. At that particular time this “Fake” was already following around 160 people and there were 0 Followers. So, thought good, they must have just made it up. When looking into it further they had just started it on non-other than April Fool’s day!

Here it was April 2nd and I wanted to get this “Fake” account shut down as soon as possible. So, reported it the quick way, like when I find “Fake” accounts following me, but felt I needed to go further with reporting it. I am fairly new to Twitter so a did a little Google search on how to get this taken down as quickly as possible. So, went to the Twitter support site like it suggested and reported what was going on.

To my surprise in order to get this taken care of quickly I had to prove to them who I was. I was thinking to myself, why is it the bad guy always ruins it for the good guy? But went along with it, Twitter asked for a copy of a pass port or a copy of a driver’s license in order to clear it up. So, I responded quickly to their request. In the mean time this “Fake Sheri Lynn” was racking up some Followers! They were up to 30 followers in just a few hours, so I felt the need to contact these people to warn them of the “Fake” account. I was able to contact several, and thankfully they unfollowed the fake account and stayed with me.

When I started my account 2 ½ years ago, I didn’t realize how to tell a “Fake” from the real deal, but quickly learn about the blue circle with the check mark in the middle. My first encounter with a “Fake” account was with someone pretending to be non-other than Country Artist Alan Jackson! I was so excited, Alan Jackson was following little ole’ me! Ha! Ha! The joke was on me, all of a sudden, I get a Direct Message from what I thought was Alan Jackson, the excitement grew even that much more! Yipee! Alan had something to say to me! I thought maybe he had listened to one of the songs I posted and tagged him in at the time. Nope! It was the fake Alan Jackson asking me out on a date and wanting my phone number!! Right then and there, I knew oh my gosh I am in for a big surprise on Twitter!

So since then I have encountered just about every single Country Artist, and many like Travis Tritt, Toby Keith, Kenny Rogers, Kenny Chesney, George Strait, Mark Wills, and many more with not just once or twice I am talking like 20 or more “Fake” imposters for these artists. So, my thought is to help these major artists out by making it aware to all Fans of any major artist, if you don’t see the blue circle with the check mark, look into that artist even more, the odds are they are a fake. Don’t follow them, report them. It truly is sad that the world has gotten this way, and we have to prove we are the “Real Deal”.

I have tried to look into getting verified with Twitter so that I too can have the blue circle with the check mark, but at this point and time, they aren’t accepting any applications, so until then, we all must look out for each other, report, block the fakes and if the major artist is following you, let them know so that they can follow up that the account is being taken down. Don’t ever give these fakes your phone number, I had not only the fake Alan Jackson ask for a phone number but also the fake Kenny Chesney, an have gotten private messages from a few of the different fake artist pages. Let’s try and stop this abuse.

Here are a few tell, tell signs of a fake account:

1. Look for the blue circle with the check mark in the middle, that is the Verification mark, you’ve got the “Real Artist”.

2. When a major Artist doesn’t have a Verified Account, look to see how many followers he has, if it’s a low number that is a sign you’ve got a “Fake.” Most all major Artist have several thousand Followers or more.

3. If a major Artist ask you out on a date or for your phone number, come on you’ve got to know it’s a “Fake.” Why would a major Artist pick you out of the blue for a date?

4. Don’t share your private information with anyone on Twitter unless you truly trust who you’re dealing with.

5. If an Artist pressures you to buy their music, you know it’s a “Fake” account. No major artist is going to beg you to buy their music, they appreciate you buying their music, but they will not pressure you to do so.

6. When in doubt, follow your instincts because these scam artists are really good, so if it doesn’t feel right, it’s probably not. When in doubt, try and figure it out!

I hope that you’ll find this information useful, I wish I would have known when I opened up my Twitter account. Remember you don’t have to be famous, or a major artist to have someone put up a “Fake” account of you, look at me, I am just a songwriter and for some reason they found me…

Twitter did take down the “Fake” account about 2 hours after I reported it and with the help of my driver’s license proving I am the “Real Sheri Lynn.”

William Sherry Jr.

Aerugo Productions

For over 18 years now, the objective here at Aerugo Productions is to provide quality song demos at very affordable prices. There’s no need to spend $500.00 – $800.00 to demo 1 song when you can have 2 or 4 songs with comparable quality recorded for the same amount of money.

Getting a professionally cut demo is this easy: send a lyric sheet, a cassette/CD/mp3 of a rough version (i.e. guitar/vocal) of your song, and check or M/O made out to Aerugo Productions PO Box 22242, Nashville, TN 37202. You only need to pay for half of your demo upfront, the balance will be owed after the song is complete and delivered and you like it. We don’t send “snippits” or lower quality recordings of your song and “hold the final version for ransom,” we will send you the final mastered recording. The honor system applies!!

In 4 – 5 weeks you’ll have your song fully produced on a CD! If you do not have a rough demo or do not play an instrument, many of our clients simply sing into a cassette player or just send a lyric sheet with written examples of how they want their song to sound (i.e. tempo, feel, and comparisons to existing songs). All songs are digitally archived for future copies. Mp3s are available too at no extra charge.

If you write poetry/lyrics but do not write music, we will put original music to your words for the same prices!! Just send your poem/lyric sheet (and any notes you might have for how you want your song to sound) and we’ll take care of the rest!

All songs are digitally archived for future copies at no extra charge. Also at no extra cost we will provide you with a track containing only the music in case you want to record your vocal over it, use it for performances, or if you want to make any vocal changes later.

There are also no contracts to sign or any back end percentage deals –you retain 100 % of all copyrights and publishing to your song.

An audio mixing desk from a recording studio with sliders, buttons, knobs and displays, monitors and speakers
We have several professional Nashville vocalists and musicians available ready to make your song sound like a hit (our former female demo vocalist, Gretchen Wilson, however, is a little busy these days!!)

So what are you waiting for? Get that song professionally cut! You never know if you have a future chart topper on your hands. Please visit our website at www.aerugoproductions.com https://twitter.com/AerugoPro


Terry Jennings

This article is provided in whole by Author: Terry Jennings and submitted by Sheri Lynn to Randy Lockhart (editor-in-chief) for the Magazine.

Terry Jennings

Terry Jennings is CEO and founder of Korban Music Group, LLC.  Jennings was introduced to the music business at an early age through his work as production manager for his father, West Texas Legend Waylon Jennings.

His combination autobiography and memoir, Waylon Tales of My Outlaw Dad (Hachette, 2016), was praised by Willie Nelson “a terrific tribute, from a son to his father”.

Born when Waylon was only nineteen, Terry came of age just as Waylon’s career hit the stratosphere with hits like “I’ve Always Been Crazy” and “Good Hearted Woman,” one of his famous Willie Nelson duets.

Terry dropped out of high school at the age of 15 and joined his dad on tour, and the two became more like brothers than father and son.

On the road, they toured with legends like Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, Kris Kristofferson, Jessi Colter, Waylon’s fourth and final wife and many more legendary entertainers.



Terry Jennings- Book Signing

Together father and son led a hard-partying lifestyle centered around music, women, and drugs.

Waylon’s success—critical acclaim, bestselling albums, sold-out tours, and even TV stardom on The Dukes of Hazzard—was at times eclipsed by his demons, three divorces, crippling debt, and a depression that Terry traces to the premature death of Buddy Holly. (Waylon was supposed to be on Holly and Ritchie Valens’s doomed flight.)

Through it all, Terry worked on the touring crew, helped manage Waylon’s career, and became one of his father’s closest confidantes.

Debunking myths and sharing incredible never-before-told stories, this book is a son’s loving and strikingly honest portrait of his father, “the greatest Outlaw country musician to grace this earth” and an unlikely but devoted family man. Waylon: Tales of My Outlaw Dad will resonate for generations of fans.

Click on Photo to order this Book


In his revealing new book, Waylon Jennings’ son Terry discusses his father’s legacy and what he really thought of the ‘outlaw country’ movement.”— Wide Open Country”

Waylon: Tales of My Outlaw Dad is a quick, fun read that offers the reader an intimate look inside a world that doesn’t exist anymore.”—VICE”
Tender but lucid memoir that doesn’t sugarcoat Waylon’s raucous life.”—Garden & Gun
Waylon: Tales of My Outlaw Dad

“I’m so excited about Terry’s new book.”—-Dolly Parton
“As his son Terry wonderfully captures in this book, Waylon was an outsider trying to figure out how to be in a town like Nashville and stay true to his music and who he is”. – Keith Urban

From the Foreword by Ken Mansfield” “The Man”- Head of Apple Records US, Award winning Producer
There are many stories about Waylon . . . the family man, the creative genius man, the quiet man, the king-of-the-six-day-roar-man, the uncommon man, the legendary man…

I thought I knew Waylon but I met all of him for the first time in these gutsy and poignant pages. I rode shotgun with the “Hoss” for five years as his producer and close friend – but Terry Jennings was his first-born and was with him for the long ride – a father and son story.

People called Waylon many different names over the years – some in jest, some in anger, some in love but Terry simply called him his “Ol Man.”

Forget the books by wannabe outsiders and biographies with agendas – this one let’s you hear the music, feel the road, get your parts a little dirty and…walk away with a whole lot of Texas on ya!
Ken Mansfield – Author, Award winning Producer, Former U.S. Manager Apple Records

Follow Terry on these Social Links: Website | Facebook | Twitter

Tony Ray Jones

From the age of 12 his vision for life involved being a singer and musician. As a child, he would imagine he was standing before a large crowd singing for them, making them laugh, and making them happy.

Of course, this was not a vision he could realize overnight. Instead, the road to where he is today required many years of hard work and artistic growth.

Their studio started in 2005 as the result of a tragic accident. Tony fell to the ground from the roof of a three-story house and he should not be alive today.

“The injury changed my life. I had no way to earn a living and no direction. I was unable to walk for over a year, but at some point during that year, I began to get past the shock and stop wondering why it had happened to me or what was next for my life. I began to view the accident as a blessing instead of a barrier.” says Tony

“My lifelong desire was to become a professional performer. I wanted to become a singer, songwriter and musician, and I traveled and performed throughout the United States for over two decades. I spent many years working for the Opryland Talent Agency here in Nashville. Music has been my life and my calling since the age of twelve.”

“However, the responsibility of a new family, discovering my faith and eventually, my injuries from the accident changed all of that. After so many years on the road, I put my life as a musician and performer on hold and devoted myself to a new career. While the accident caused great damage to my body, it also enhanced my vision for the future. It was a blessing in disguise – the boost I needed to change the direction of my dream.”

“I became resourceful and made the most out of my situation and the talents God had given me. In 2005, I set up a studio in my kitchen and began creating music again. I was able to record quality songs for publishers; I began doing voice-over work and created guitar demos for friends.”

Advances in technology have changed the way he records music, and in turn, it changed his life. Tony was able to use his computer and a small audio interface to record guitar and vocal demos.

With his experience and background as a performer, songwriter, producer and engineer now with a full production studio, he can now focus his energy on helping others achieve their dreams and goals while also serving his passion to create good music.

“I was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and grew up in Mobile, Alabama. In 1978, I launched my professional career, performing with bands throughout the South. I was a side man in those days, playing guitar and banjo. And all through my early years as a musician, I planned on someday making the big move to Nashville.”

“1989 was a pivotal year for me. It was then I recorded “Three Wishes,” my first album, and began opening for Willie Nelson, Ed Bruce, Dan Seals, Sawyer Brown and other greats. I’ll never forget the night I played the Holiday Inn in Bryan College Station, and a man came up to me and said, “Hey, you’re pretty good!” That man was Tom T. Hall. Tom T. proceeded to invite me to open for him in Fort Hood, Texas. That Fort Hood show was phenomenal, and Tom T. remains one of my inspirations. In fact, it was after I spoke with him following the Fort Hood show that I finally decided to journey up to Nashville.”

“My 1989 vacation to Nashville changed my life. Above the legendary Grand Old Opry I saw a sign: “Opryland Talent Agency – Holding Auditions.” It was too exciting of an opportunity to pass…so they ended up hiring me! Specifically, the agency asked me to return in May 1990 to entertain on the General Jackson Showboat which is still in operation today.”

In Nashville Tony performed six days a week; he worked at Opryland Theme Park and Opryland Hotel in addition to the General Jackson Showboat. It was a tremendous experience, ideal for networking. It also helped him develop his own unique sound, a mixture of the musical styles he has loved since childhood: country, folk, blues and bluegrass.

“Sadly, Opryland Theme Park closed its doors in 1997. I decided to take a break from music and try new endeavors. I moved back to Texas, and by 1998 was serving as a staff member at International Gospel Outreach (IGO), a missionary agency based in Semmes, Alabama. This position allowed me to train people about to leave for missionary work in such places as Africa, Cuba, Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras. I stayed with IGO for four years, and it was a fantastic place to work. They even let me travel around as a “musicianary” – that is, a musical missionary! During this period, I also graduated from the International College of Bible Theology.”

After IGO, Tony spent three years as an audio technician with a sound reinforcement company called DB Enterprise. “As fate would have it – and it definitely seemed like fate – my business partner Greg James asked me to start a new DB Enterprise branch in Nashville. I agreed immediately.”

“In Nashville, I worked as an audio engineer, and my wife Patty and I also started Backwoods Recording Studio, which was headquartered in the kitchen of our house.” says Tony

“Tony says: “I’m thrilled to spend my time these days writing songs and producing demos for Backwoods Recording Studio’s many gifted artists. I am now dedicated to using my musical knowledge, and my knowledge of the industry, to help others realize their musical dreams.”

Find Tony Ray Jones at ReverbNation.com

Being Thankful

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, I thought that I would write about how thankful I am for each and every day that I am given. Growing up in a very small town in Northern California, life was never easy. Coming from a poor up bringing as far as the material world, but we were rich in Family values and Family Love. I was taught at a very young age, it’s not what you have, it’s what you give as you go along life’s path.

I always learnt that I didn’t have to have the biggest and the best and my parents would always say, “Good things come to those who wait.” So, to this day, I live by those words. Sometimes life doesn’t go the way that we think it should, and many times in Life it can take a different path, one that not even you could have imagined.
If someone would have told me that I was going to lose the use of my right arm for a while, lose my job of 20 years, start writing song lyrics, have songs recorded in Nashville, TN, become the co-owner of Indie Music Magazine, have over 10K Twitter followers in just a little over 2 years, have many wonderful fans all over the world, I would have said, “Your Crazy!”

But that is exactly what happened. See sometimes with Life there comes a time, when something we have no control over, can lead us to our passion and my passion has always been writing. I feel there are times that something bigger and greater takes control of our lives and sends us down a new and wonderful path. At the time this all happens we don’t understand it, and are even a little afraid of the changes that taking place, but if we follow what our hearts are telling us it takes us on a journey we never would have went on if we didn’t go through circumstances beyond our control.

Sometimes you may have to go through pain, loss, struggles, but keep pushing through and most of all never give up. Always be grateful and thankful in life because if you do, you too will find it’s true, that “All good things really do come true to those who wait.”
~Sheri Lynn~


Eric Ryan

Eric Ryan was born in Orlando, Florida March 16th 1981. He first started playing guitar seriously at Twelve years of age.

“I learned to play on my Father’s old Yamaha acoustic. I love playing guitar, don’t get me wrong; I just find myself focusing more on songwriting and performing.

” Eric’s Mother, a Pianist and amateur songwriter herself fueled Eric’s passion for telling stories with music.

Currently based in West Palm Beach (making frequent trips to Nashville), Eric Ryan encompasses his own hybrid of Country Music.

“I suppose the way I found my sound is no different then most: My voice, plus every artist I ever loved, and many years of writing/playing… woolah.” Ryan, a former Top 20 National Finalist on the hit TV series ‘Nashville Star'(USA Network) (Season 1) in 2003 has just one goal: to connect with his audience.

Ryan: “My job as a songwriter is to tell stories, but you have to tell those stories right, you have to deliver them properly.


We as entertainers owe our fans that. I have to find a way perform a song that will reach that person(s) out there that needs those words the most. It’s never enough to just sing a song.”

“Eric Ryan is an established and dedicated country music singer/songwriter based in the U.S. His music offers audiences a captivating array of heartfelt stories from various viewpoints, always beautifully written and performed.” – StereoStickman.com

Eric Ryan has done opening performances for such amazing artists as: Keith Urban, Rascal Flatts, Chad Brock, Rhett Akins, Montgomery Gentry, Charlie Daniels and coming soon in October 27th Joe Diffie #Live at Double Dee’s Ranch in West Palm Beach, Fl.

Website: www.ericryansound.com

Instagram: @ericryansound

Twitter: @ericryansound

Facebook: @ericryansound

Youtube: @ericryansound

Brian “The Hat” Duckworth

My name is BRIAN “THE HAT” Duckworth. I am a Country and Swing Cover singer/songwriter. I was born April 1952 in Oldham, Lancashire, England and raised in a small cotton mill town called Middleton, 7 miles north of Manchester. My mother worked in one of the many cotton mills and my father worked for the north western electricity board. I was the youngest of two, my sister was 2 years and a half years older than me.

Growing up in the fifties I had an amazing childhood as I was born only 6 years after the end of WW2 when comradery was still high. No one had more than any one else, the tv had not yet gone on sale we only had a radio. No DVDs no computers or electronic games we had to make our own entertainment We had lots of street parties and it was safe for children to play out unsupervised.

My first introduction to Country music was listening to Jim Reeves on the Louisiana Hayride on the radio. or seeing Roy Rogers and Tex Ritter singing on the Saturday morning matinee for children at the local picture house. I first started singing when at the age of 12yrs old I joined the Middleton Parish Church Choir as an alto choirboy. It was to be the grounding for what would much later become an ambition.

I travelled to Salzburg Austria with the choir in 1965 to hear the Vienna Boys choir in concert and also to sing. We had music lessons at school but we did not have the encouragement that we should have had to take up an instrument so I never really took an interest other than singing. This is something I have come to regret over the years. At 15yrs I left school with no qualifications I guess I was a slow learner and as the classes had 35 to 40 kids in each subject the teachers did not have the time to spend going over things with individuals who could not understand.

I joined the army as a boy soldier straight from school rather than go into the cotton mill, which served me well as we went back to school and I gained the certificates that I had previously missed.

The sixties were great times for a young man growing up, we had the music revolution and the young people’s movement, Hippies, flower power, Ban the Bomb. mods and rockers biker gangs I was a rocker I didn’t like scooters, I laugh now just thinking about it.

My career started in the entertainment business in 1972, I started out working back stage as a Stage Assistant at my local Repertory Theatre where my love for the business quickly blossomed.

I spent the next few years touring around the UK working at various Theatres and gaining experience in the workings of shows achieving Stage Manager status. However it was not enough I wanted to be out there under the lights.

After a particular heavy weekend doing a change over of shows i had an argument with the Director over the set not being finished in time for Dress rehearsal which resulted in my being dismissed for arguing in front of the cast. This however proved be the turning point for me as the Director was an old friend of mine He immediately offered to give me small parts in plays and musicals I had found my vocation.

My stage Name back then was Brian Deane I thought it was better than my real surname Duckworth which I thought was too ordinary for the posters lol. Vain I know but hey you have to be a bit quirky in this business right.

I then started singing in Local bars and clubs which gave me a whole new outlook of this satisfying, exhilarating and sometimes cruel business that we love. Like most Artist’s in this business I had to take other jobs in between to help with raising a Family but the call of the stage was never far away.

Then in 2003 at the Age of 51 divorced and a free Spirit I moved to Kos Island Greece and started to rekindle my career as a singer.

Then in 2012 the economic crisis hit Greece so I as forced to move again, this time with my new Austrian Soul mate Silvia we moved to my present Location in Austria and started all over again to build a new performing platform.

I don’t think I’ll ever be a so called Star but hey the world is a whole lot different when you’re out there under the spotlight and long may I continue to enjoy it. I am now a member of the Texas Country Music Association.Inc which was a thrill to me to be invited… Me an Englishman lol.

I started to write songs just 3 years ago as now in my 60s I seem to have more time and patience. I have written about 10 or 12 songs up to now but I have only recorded and published 4 due to the cost involved in hiring musicians and studios this why I now regret not learning to play an instrument.

Still I am happy to be doing what I enjoy doing the most entertaining. If I have one piece of advice to give to any budding musician or songwriter it would be. Never lose sight of your goals in life never give up trying and it is never too late. Or as an old friend once said….
Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today, because if you enjoy doing it today you can always do it again tomorrow.

Rock My Way To Heaven
May Be
Am I Wasting My Time
I’ll Just Run Away.

Videos https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrAK7zU6clcyzLCN1LI2Pvw?view

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