Eric Ryan

Eric Ryan was born in Orlando, Florida March 16th 1981. He first started playing guitar seriously at Twelve years of age.

“I learned to play on my Father’s old Yamaha acoustic. I love playing guitar, don’t get me wrong; I just find myself focusing more on songwriting and performing.

” Eric’s Mother, a Pianist and amateur songwriter herself fueled Eric’s passion for telling stories with music.

Currently based in West Palm Beach (making frequent trips to Nashville), Eric Ryan encompasses his own hybrid of Country Music.

“I suppose the way I found my sound is no different then most: My voice, plus every artist I ever loved, and many years of writing/playing… woolah.” Ryan, a former Top 20 National Finalist on the hit TV series ‘Nashville Star'(USA Network) (Season 1) in 2003 has just one goal: to connect with his audience.

Ryan: “My job as a songwriter is to tell stories, but you have to tell those stories right, you have to deliver them properly.


We as entertainers owe our fans that. I have to find a way perform a song that will reach that person(s) out there that needs those words the most. It’s never enough to just sing a song.”

“Eric Ryan is an established and dedicated country music singer/songwriter based in the U.S. His music offers audiences a captivating array of heartfelt stories from various viewpoints, always beautifully written and performed.” –

Eric Ryan has done opening performances for such amazing artists as: Keith Urban, Rascal Flatts, Chad Brock, Rhett Akins, Montgomery Gentry, Charlie Daniels and coming soon in October 27th Joe Diffie #Live at Double Dee’s Ranch in West Palm Beach, Fl.


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Brian “The Hat” Duckworth

My name is BRIAN “THE HAT” Duckworth. I am a Country and Swing Cover singer/songwriter. I was born April 1952 in Oldham, Lancashire, England and raised in a small cotton mill town called Middleton, 7 miles north of Manchester. My mother worked in one of the many cotton mills and my father worked for the north western electricity board. I was the youngest of two, my sister was 2 years and a half years older than me.

Growing up in the fifties I had an amazing childhood as I was born only 6 years after the end of WW2 when comradery was still high. No one had more than any one else, the tv had not yet gone on sale we only had a radio. No DVDs no computers or electronic games we had to make our own entertainment We had lots of street parties and it was safe for children to play out unsupervised.

My first introduction to Country music was listening to Jim Reeves on the Louisiana Hayride on the radio. or seeing Roy Rogers and Tex Ritter singing on the Saturday morning matinee for children at the local picture house. I first started singing when at the age of 12yrs old I joined the Middleton Parish Church Choir as an alto choirboy. It was to be the grounding for what would much later become an ambition.

I travelled to Salzburg Austria with the choir in 1965 to hear the Vienna Boys choir in concert and also to sing. We had music lessons at school but we did not have the encouragement that we should have had to take up an instrument so I never really took an interest other than singing. This is something I have come to regret over the years. At 15yrs I left school with no qualifications I guess I was a slow learner and as the classes had 35 to 40 kids in each subject the teachers did not have the time to spend going over things with individuals who could not understand.

I joined the army as a boy soldier straight from school rather than go into the cotton mill, which served me well as we went back to school and I gained the certificates that I had previously missed.

The sixties were great times for a young man growing up, we had the music revolution and the young people’s movement, Hippies, flower power, Ban the Bomb. mods and rockers biker gangs I was a rocker I didn’t like scooters, I laugh now just thinking about it.

My career started in the entertainment business in 1972, I started out working back stage as a Stage Assistant at my local Repertory Theatre where my love for the business quickly blossomed.

I spent the next few years touring around the UK working at various Theatres and gaining experience in the workings of shows achieving Stage Manager status. However it was not enough I wanted to be out there under the lights.

After a particular heavy weekend doing a change over of shows i had an argument with the Director over the set not being finished in time for Dress rehearsal which resulted in my being dismissed for arguing in front of the cast. This however proved be the turning point for me as the Director was an old friend of mine He immediately offered to give me small parts in plays and musicals I had found my vocation.

My stage Name back then was Brian Deane I thought it was better than my real surname Duckworth which I thought was too ordinary for the posters lol. Vain I know but hey you have to be a bit quirky in this business right.

I then started singing in Local bars and clubs which gave me a whole new outlook of this satisfying, exhilarating and sometimes cruel business that we love. Like most Artist’s in this business I had to take other jobs in between to help with raising a Family but the call of the stage was never far away.

Then in 2003 at the Age of 51 divorced and a free Spirit I moved to Kos Island Greece and started to rekindle my career as a singer.

Then in 2012 the economic crisis hit Greece so I as forced to move again, this time with my new Austrian Soul mate Silvia we moved to my present Location in Austria and started all over again to build a new performing platform.

I don’t think I’ll ever be a so called Star but hey the world is a whole lot different when you’re out there under the spotlight and long may I continue to enjoy it. I am now a member of the Texas Country Music Association.Inc which was a thrill to me to be invited… Me an Englishman lol.

I started to write songs just 3 years ago as now in my 60s I seem to have more time and patience. I have written about 10 or 12 songs up to now but I have only recorded and published 4 due to the cost involved in hiring musicians and studios this why I now regret not learning to play an instrument.

Still I am happy to be doing what I enjoy doing the most entertaining. If I have one piece of advice to give to any budding musician or songwriter it would be. Never lose sight of your goals in life never give up trying and it is never too late. Or as an old friend once said….
Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today, because if you enjoy doing it today you can always do it again tomorrow.

Rock My Way To Heaven
May Be
Am I Wasting My Time
I’ll Just Run Away.


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W. Ed Harris

W. Ed Harris grew up in Miami, Florida, the oldest of five children. “We were fortunate in that we grew up in a modest home which was situated on a large lake. One of my fondest memories is of the time my dad and I had built a sailboat together. I’ll never forget the excitement the first day we put her in the water! I had a great childhood, and I had been blessed with a wonderful and supportive family”.

 Ed spent his childhood weekends mostly going exploring with friends, fishing, swimming, sailing, surfing, building forts, and playing music. “Every Saturday morning, we would be up before the sun, take off on our bikes and our parents would not see us again until just before sundown. Though I was an active kid, there was also an artistic side to me. I liked to draw, oil paint, and of course, play my guitar and mess around on the old “Story and Clark” upright piano we had. Music was always my greatest passion”.

 Ed was first introduced to the guitar around the age of 5. He credits his Mother in getting him interested in music at this early age. “Mom had purchased a small child-sized Stella parlor guitar from Sears I believe. I think she may have picked it up for herself initially, but having recognized my interest in music, soon encouraged me to play. Mom had a natural gift for music and had “perfect pitch”, and even though she had no formal music education, came up with the idea of tuning the guitar to an open chord”. Ed remembers that the very first song he learned on the guitar was ‘On Top of Old Smokey’. His mother had him place the small guitar flat on his lap and while singing the tune, teach him to listen for the chord changes. “The ingenious part in this teaching method was that by using the flat handle of a butter knife, I could simply lay the knife across a fret to make the chord changes when it was appropriate. This resulted in me being able to make music within a very short period of time while training my ear to listen for the chord changes. Also, without having to initially learn chord positions, endure sore fingers, and possibly give it up due to frustration, I believe this introduction to the guitar was paramount in making it a pleasurable experience initially for me”. It was a couple of years after this when Ed started piano lessons and began to read music. Around the age of twelve, Ed picked up the trumpet which he continued to play through college and as a young adult. “My mentors on the horn were Herb Alpert, Louis Armstrong, and Al Hirt. As a young adult, I performed with jazz ensembles, held first chair in orchestra for 5 years, and did a stint with the Drum and Bugle Corps for a while. Of course, I never stopped picking up the guitar and I always kept it close by”.

 Ed has never considered himself a vocalist. “Either, you are born with an exceptional voice or you’re not. I’m one of those who wasn’t and I’m ok with that. However, over time the voice does change, and I have been venturing out of my comfort zone recently. Though I am able to sing “on key” pretty well, and harmony has always come easy for me, I do consider myself an instrumentalist primarily”. Ed was always sought after as a backup musician and vocalist for this reason. “I was never one for being in the spotlight. What I enjoy most is the composition, arrangement, and musicality of a piece”.

 The guitar has remained Ed’s primary instrument throughout his life spanning 6 decades now. During this time, he studied Classical Guitar formally under the tutelage of Jose Serrano back in the late 70s while living in Arizona, studied music theory, played Jazz, and was in a few Folk, and Bluegrass bands. For the past 28 years, his focus has been on Celtic, Scottish, and Irish Music. “During the late 80s and most of the 90s, I volunteered as a sound engineer for the Fiddle and Bow Music Society. Fiddle and Bow was founded on Celtic Music and it was during this time I was richly introduced to this kind of traditional music. Since my heritage is Irish, it was a genre I immediately identified with”. Ed has picked up playing other instruments along the way and performs the instrumental work found on all his recordings. He has proficiencies in: Trumpet, Fiddle, Viola, Cello, Mandola, Mandolin, Piano, Acoustic Bass, Banjo, Recorder, Tin Whistle, Harmonica, Bouzouki, and Cittern among others. “It really isn’t that difficult in learning more than one instrument, especially if you already play an instrument. There are similarities between many instruments. For example, being a guitarist, and playing the fiddle, it’s not a stretch to play mandolin. The mandolin is fretted and shares similar hand coordination (chording and plectrum) and it shares the same tuning as the violin (fiddle)”. Asked about finding time to practice, Ed’s response is, “Practicing to me is like taking a shower, brushing my teeth, or breathing. I can’t imagine a day without practice. It’s not so much how many hours a day you practice, but it has more to do in how you practice and practice frequency. I also practice mentally as well. During the day I will visualize finger placement, phrasing, etc. which helps maximize practice when I am able to pick up an instrument. I have at times gone twelve hour stretches in practicing and other times I’ve practiced multiple short periods for only fifteen minutes or less each time but maybe twenty times during the day. I would leave the instrument out and every time I walk by it, pick it up and go over a passage, etc. Practice is different for every musician”.

 For Ed, music has always been personal, and he prefers being far removed from the competitiveness. “I remember playing for chairs in orchestra and then having to compete to keep first chair”. Sure, a little competition is a good thing and it does help keep a person motivated. I get it. However, I always had issue with competition in regard to artistic expression. Always seemed to me there was something not quite right with that”. There is no vanity in Ed’s music. The passion he has for the art is readily apparent. Ed has developed the ability to make his instrument an extension of himself; the vehicle by which he is most comfortable in expressing himself. He is able to convey and evoke profound emotion in the listener. “One of the biggest challenges I have found for a instrumentalist is to communicate an emotion using only the instrument that will connect with the listener on some level. People relate readily to vocals and lyrics, but it is more of a challenge to evoke emotion using instrumentation only”.

  “New technology is impacting the music industry and creating challenges for artists unlike we’ve ever seen before. We now have a generation that do not need to spend money for music. The upside is that indie artists now have more tools and resources available to them than they ever had before”. Ed adds that, “Although these new technologies have made possible for just about anyone to create music without having to play an instrument, performance will never become old-fashioned”. Ed states that he doesn’t perform much anymore, and that he has always enjoyed being in the studio more. However, he enjoys taking part in traditional Irish Sessions publicly that take place in nearby towns. “Music has always been central in my life, and I’ve elected not to pursue it at a professional level but simply as an avocation. For me, it eliminates the anxiety and competitiveness inherent to it, and it gives me complete freedom to pursue music for the sheer enjoyment in making music. I never want to lose that. I’ve always maintained that if my music makes a connection at some level, then it’s all worthwhile. However, I’m not pressured trying to build a fan base or worry about maintaining and keeping everyone happy”.

 Ed is passionate about music and believes that it should be used for good and that it should be shared. “Music has always provided me great enjoyment and sanctuary from the challenges of everyday life. I chose not to pursue music as a career for fear that in doing so, it would take some of the enjoyment out of it. I made the choice many years ago to keep it as an avocation and not try to make a living from it. I have a great deal of respect for those who have done so however. Though I have no regrets in this decision, if I was able do it over again, I think I would have studied music formally to become a composer. I am happy where I am musically, and I can’t imagine my life without it. I am content in that I truly create, record, and share music out of the sheer joy and love I have in doing it and not because I’m trying to get discovered or because it is something I have to do. I am truly free creatively, and that to me is my ‘happy place’. It truly is liberating. I’m just grateful that I’m still able to do what I love doing, and I will continue to do so for as long as I can. It’s been a fantastic ride of which I have met some very talented and wonderful artists and folks along the journey”! 


Websites and Social Media:

Personal Music Website:

Twitter: @EdHarrisMusic




“Two Rivers” released Jan. 2014 (Traditional and Contemporary Celtic Music featuring solo guitar, flute, fiddle, and more) – HarrisMusic label

“Celticophilia” released Jan. 2015 (Traditional and Contemporary Celtic Music) – HarrisMusic label

“The New Bern Seisiúns” released Feb. 2016 (Traditional Irish/Celtic Sesssion Music) – HarrisMusic label – Album nominated “Celtic Album of the Year by INEC, Scotland

“Reflections of the Heart” released Feb. 2017 (Contemporary Celtic Music) – HarrisMusic label

“The Well Below the Valley” – released Aug. 2017 (Traditional Celtic) – HarrisMusic label

“Celtic Christmas Reflections” – released Sep. 2016 (Celtic Christmas Music) – HarrisMusic label


 Film (Soundtracks):

“Crawdad Slip” – Documentary – Folk Films, Inc.

“New Life” – Documentary – Folk Films, Inc.

“8 Weeks in March” – Documentary – Folk Films, Inc.

 Audio and Sound Effect Projects:

“Theatrikos – Radio Theater 2013

“Inner Sanctum”, “Time Machine”, “Fibber & Molly”, Flash Gordon”


BMI (Broadcast Music, Inc.)

Fiddle & Bow Music Society

Northern Arizona Celtic Heritage Society

Arizona Irish Music Society

Grand Canyon Music Traditions Society

Four Peaks Irish Arts Council

Special Thank You to Sheri Lynn for introducing Ed to the magazine

Brenda Burch

I have been following Brenda for quite sometime now through social media. She has an amazing voice that not only captured my attention but also made me want to listen to more of her music and I realized then that it was only fitting that I take a closer look at what she had to offer as an Indie Artist.  I read the post in facebook that said she had received the   for her work as an and I knew at that moment she is going to be featured in the magazine. Brenda has so much to offer and I can only hope and pray that people reading this article will feel the same as I do because we need more people like Brenda in our lives.

More about Brenda

Described throughout her career as the little girl with a big voice, Brenda Burch has captivated audiences in the United States, Europe and Asia with her energetic performances, rich Country vocal style and ability to connect with a crowd through the emotive story of a song. Sharing the stage with Darius Rucker, David Archuleta, Neal McCoy, Diamond Rio and Collin Raye, among many others, has given her the chance to convey tales of love, life, loss and strength in her music to thousands of concert-goers.

Her newest EP, Sparks Will Fly, not only sparked attention in the USA, but it caught fire in Europe resulting in a big win for Brenda at the Hotdisc Country Music Awards. The only artist to take home 2 awards, she was the winning recipient of the New Horizon Award for Most Successful International Newcomer and Best International Single for her title track, Sparks Will Fly. “I was blown away to win both awards,” said Brenda. “Overwhelmed is an understatement. I’m so grateful for my family, friends, fans and all the wonderful DJs playing my music!” To hear Brenda’s full acceptance speech, click here.

The award-winning EP is compiled of six compelling songs that range from a tongue-in-cheek spin on dating life (“Sparks Will Fly”) to following your heart (“No Better Time”) and having the courage to love what matters most (“Take Me Back”). Her first single, “Sparks Will Fly,” released to radio debuting at #1 in Europe and staying at #1 for 6 weeks straight. Her second single, “No Better Time,” quickly became a fan favorite, claiming the #1 spot on a Country music chart voted on by the fans. Brenda exclaimed, “I’m thrilled with the positive response and am humbled both singles have been so well-received by DJs and listeners around the world. Thank you!”

After a successful Kickstarter campaign where Brenda surpassed her initial goal at 125%, she joined forces with a talented production team in Nashville to co-write and produce a record that showcases her warm, powerful Country sound backed by rockin’ Country rhythms and relatable stories.

Read more about Brenda by following her through these links:

Ian Roland & Simon Yapp

I have been listening to tracks from Ian Roland and Simon and found the music to be very upbeat and easy listening. You owe it to yourself to check them out, you will be pleasantly surprised.

Read more about Ian Roland & Simon Yapp below.

Ian Roland & Simon Yapp are a Roots, Folk duo of 12 string guitar and fiddle, from Brighton, UK, with:

“…more hooks than a long line fishing vessel.” Charlie Elland, FolkWords

“…cracking songs, entertaining and varied…packed with memorable tunes, upbeat, positive lyrics and fab playing…” Phil Widdows, FolkCast

Since 2015, when they started performing live as a duo, they have played 100 + gigs in Folk Clubs, Acoustic Nights and Pubs in Brighton, Bristol, Cambridge, London, Sussex and Kent.

Under the direction of producer, Nigel Stonier (Thea Gilmore, The Waterboys, Joan Baez, Martha Wainwright, Fairport Convention et al), the ‘Day Became You’ EP is Roland & Yapp’s latest release.


Day Became You (Jan 2017) available from Bandcamp.
“Take time to absorb the highly infectious music. Hear once and this will remain fixed in your head for days.”, Tim Carroll, Folkwords.



Suitcase – a live collection (July 2016) available from Bandcamp
“A great collection of songs full of heart”, Baylen Leonard, Amazing Radio.



How That Dust Jumps (April 2015) available from Bandcamp
Included in Americana UK’s ‘Writers Best Of 2015’. “… songs that define the word earworm…” R. Scutt, FATEA.



Helicopter (Jan 2014) available from Bandcamp
“a delightful gem to be sought out and listened to…” Keith Hargreaves, Americana UK.

Ian & Simon are currently working on a new EP, with cellist and vocalist
Brione Jackson, due for completion early 2018.


More about Roland & Yapp’s music can be found at

Greg Roberts

Nitty Gritty ,who is Greg Roberts was born in Memphis Tennessee and now residing in Somerville Tennessee where he calls home. He brings a unique style of country rap and he is pioneering music for the horse community which includes himself.

His new single “3 up and 1 down” and the music video have taken the horse community on Facebook by storm and is virally spreading with over 200k views and over 4000 shares in a short period of time.

Since the release he has done interviews with “Nashville Entertainment weekly tv” and “The standardbred connection”.

Greg has been asked to be the first artist to perform at “Big Guns smoking the trails” which is the biggest Racking horse event of the year! This event attracts people from all over the world! Nitty Gritty has more songs and is completing his album titled “horse talk”.

The fans (under 18 – 55 +)say that they can’t get enough of “3 up 1 down ” and are craving more from him!

Video – greg-roberts-3-1/


Kellie-Anne Poirier

Canadian born in 2003, Kellie-Anne has been living in Dubai for 8 years and just moved to Weehawken, NJ, right in front of Manhattan.

She was a candidate on the Voice Kids Montreal Canada in 2016 and she recently started to write her own music.

“I am inspired by Ed Sheeran, Sia and Birdy. I play the acoustic guitar. I performed in several competitions, music festivals, bars, events and restaurants.” says Kellie-Anne.

She is ready for the big apple and happy to meet any fellow artist who would be willing to collaborate and perform with her.

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Thank you to @JenniferMlott for introducing Kellie-Anne to me “Editor-in-Chief “as a credit to this article – Jennifer

Jessica Rose

Jessica Rose was named a 2017 Emerging Artist by the Country Music Association. She also won the 2017 WSM Road Show competition put on by the Grand Ole Opry and will be opening for Tracy Lawrence this Summer. She appeared on American Idol season 12. Some of Jessica’s fondest memories were having Randy Jackson attend her hometown show in Staten Island, New York and performing on Margaritaville TV before Jimmy Buffett’s Nashville show at Ascend Amphitheater.

She was the very first performer to play at the Grand Opening of the Margaritaville at Resorts Casino, Atlantic City, N.J. She also performed regularly at the famous Steel Pier in Atlantic City where she had the honor to perform at a private event for Miss America 2014, the contestants, and all involved with the 2015 Miss America Pageant. Jessica has performed at many venues including Tootsies World Famous Orchid Lounge, The Blue Bird Cafe, The Stage, The Row, Big Shotz and more. You can catch her on Ty, Kelly and Chuck’s America’s Morning Show on Nash FM the Nationally Syndicated Cumulus Media, radio network, as one of the artist’s who writes and performs the 10 Minute Tune! Jessica continues to perform in Nashville and tour the U.S. She loves performing regularly at Margaritaville in Key West, Nashville, Atlantic City and the stages of Las Vegas and Montego Bay Jamaica locations.

In meeting so many amazing people along her journey, in the industry, or new fans, which are now friends as well, Jessica would like to say thank you for all the continued love and support.  Jessica’s New EP “Wild Hearts” charted on Billboard and is available iTunes, Spotify and Amazon Music. Check it out! She is always traveling on the road to different cities, so whether you are visiting Nashville or elsewhere, check out her tour dates and catch a show in a city near you!


Born and raised in Montreal, Canada, recording artist and multi-instrumentalist PETER GRAIGS is a force to be reckoned with while on the fretboard of any guitar in his hands. Growing up in Canada and now re-located to Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, Peter Graigs grew up listening to the music that drove the ‘80’s: Rock, Progressive Rock, Hard Rock and Heavy Metal.

His musical heroes include iconic guitarists Randy Rhoads, Eric Clapton, Al Di Meola and legendary drummer Tommy Aldridge. Like many other rockers, he also listens to the occasional Classical piece for inspiration.

Peter Graigs has had years of live concert performance experience and recording sessions with such bands as Wired, Sillian, Trax, G13 Band and Scars of Grace. He immersed himself in music early on and expertly mastered playing guitar, bass and drums. Unfortunately his career in music had to take a back seat, as he was sidelined for a decade following a traumatic parachute accident.

Throughout his career, Peter Graigs has performed on television programs as well as live concerts throughout North America at prestigious venues such as Spectrum de Montreal (audience 2,500), Cote de Neige (audience 10,000) and Auditorium de Verdun (audience 15,000).

His new album “The Beginning of the End” is his latest creation and one which is not to be missed.




Codie Prevost

Growing up on a farm just outside of Archerwill, Saskatchewan Codie Prevost learnt at an early age that hard work and perseverance would lead to good things. Since starting his career he has shared the stage with some of country music’s top performers including Florida Georgia Line, Joe Nichols, Jason Aldean, Big & Rich, and Michelle Wright.

Prevost has recorded four award winning studio albums including his most recent release “All Kinds Of Crazy” that debuted at #6 on the ITunes Albums Chart alongside Eric Church, Dierks Bentley and Luke Bryan upon it’s release.“All Kinds Of Crazy” received “Country Recording Of The Year” at the 2014 Western Canadian Music Awards and was nominated for “Album Of The Year” at the 2014 Canadian Country Music Association Awards.

From being featured on ET Canada, Talk Shows, Morning Shows, and radio shows nationally and internationally Prevost continues to build his fan base.
Four-time Canadian Country Music Association Award Nominee including “Album Of The Year”, “Rising Star”, and “Interactive Artist Of The Year”
Received 26 Saskatchewan Country Music Association Awards including “Life Time Achievement Award”, “Entertainer Of The Year”, and “Male Vocalist Of The Year”.


Prevost’s 4th album “All Kinds Of Crazy” received “Country Recording Of The Year” at the 2014 Western Canadian Music Awards.

“All Kinds Of Crazy” album debuted at #6 on the iTunes Country Albums Charts on the day of it’s release.

Performed on City TV, CTV Mornings Canada, ET Canada, as well as numerous talk shows and radio shows nationally and internationally.

Winner of the CCMA Fanfest Contest He’s released six official music videos with four of them being added to CMT and his radio singles have climbed into the top 40 on the country music charts.

Codie Prevost has just finished recording his 5th studio album entitled “Radio”.

“Radio” consists of 8 songs including the lead off radio single entitled “You Won’t Sleep Tonight” that was penned with one of Prevost’s favorite songwriters Adam Wheeler.

Prevost worked along side producers Jeff Johnson and Jesse Weimen and played a big part in the arrangements and productions of the songs.

The album “Radio” is Prevost’s most personal album to date and really signifies who he is as an artist and person.

Prevost says “It’s crazy that with every project you feel like it’s the beginning of your career again. The growth and experience that comes along with each album is instrumental along this journey of music and I wouldn’t change it for the world.”

The creative design and packaging for the “Radio” album was done by Hal Schrenk Graphic Design.

Schrenk also did the creative design work on Prevost’s “Get Loud” and “All Kinds Of Crazy” albums.

The album “Radio” is currently available exclusively through The Codie Prevost Diaries. Join The Codie Prevost Diaries and gain access to the new album at


I have been following and listening to Codie’s music ever since I first did an article on him back in 2015 in one of my other online magazines. I spend a lot of time at my desk promoting artists through my network of Social Media and online magazines, so rather than listening to music on the radio I will play music from all the artists I feature. Codie’s music is by far one the most played from my playlist of songs to listen to.

If you haven’t listened to Codie’s music, I strongly recommend you check him out.

Editor In Chief Randy Lockhart

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