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Randy Lockhart
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Tsawwassen, B.C.


CEO -Owner Publisher & Writer-in-Chief of Indie Spotlight News

CEO -Owner Publisher & Writer-in-Chief of   www.indieartistsmagazine.com

CEO -Owner Publisher & Writer-in-Chief of   www.webhostmagazine.rocks

CEO-Owner, Publisher, Writer-in-Chief of www.webhostmagazinecanada.com

CEO- Owner, Publisher & Writer-in-Chief of Indie Music Magazine http://indiemusicmagazine.live


I started designing websites and providing Internet services to people all around the world in 1992 when Sympatico first came online. The Internet was my hobby while I was self-employed for 28 years in the construction industry as a painter and carpenter. I became so intrigued by the web, that I quickly gained knowledge with the how to of Web design and web hosting. I learned from scratch how to write all the html code to design a website, because back then there were no instant site design software available, no html editors other than note pad.

What started out as a hobby, quickly grew into a business when people started emailing me for help on the web. Friends told friends, and those friends told other friends. Before I knew it word spread like wildfire that Randy (me) was the go to guy for support on the web. My email box was stuffed with emails from people around the world, asking me questions. I found myself working around the clock to help people. Finally I decided to leave the contracting business to do what I love doing, building websites and web hosting.

So in 2000, the turn of the century turned out to be the turn of a new life for me. My company Hosteasy Solutions was born. I had a mission not to be like everyone else on the Web. I didn’t want to just take people’s money. I wanted to truly serve and help people which I believe we are all here to do. I started offering high quality web hosting with great prices, but more importantly great customer support.

www.hosteazydomains.com was created to allow people to register their domains with us as well.

This long journey and commitment to excellence has allowed me to meet thousands of people on the Internet, everyone from techies to newbies and those in between. My greatest pleasure over the years is helping my clients who e-mail me with simple or high-tech questions from web design to software selections and use.

As a webhost provider I felt it was important to let people find our clients alot easier, thus the Webhost magazine was introduced and is now used to promote clients and non clients websites by driving traffic to them.

Finding that numerous people I was promoting in the magazine were musicians, I decided to create the 2 new online magazines website which introduces well known and upcoming musicians.

**NOTE** All artists articles are either written and published by myself or copied from the artists BIO with the full permission of the artists and all under age children that I publish are done with their parents permission in writing giving me full consent. Articles written by Bobby Swift and Antonio Garcia are their own articles.


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