Bonnie McGill

Bonnie McGill

Bonnie has written over 300 songs and has recorded in Nashville.
bonnie mcgill She has published in December 2009 a poem book called Bonnie’s Poems that is available through Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

McGill writes and records music and sends her work to music publishers, hoping to get picked up. McGill likes country music because it, like the poetry she writes, is often about telling a story and Bonnie plays country music on twelve-string guitar

“I like the real life aspect of it. It’s about things people go through all the time,” she said.

McGill prefers to write poetry that both rhymes and tells a story.

“It’s a gift from God. That’s what I believe,” said McGill  “It’s an easy way to tell a story. I always hear the music when I write the poem. The melody fits the words. A lot of these in the book are songs.”




bonnie mcgillMcGill dedicated the book to her parents, Esther and Adam Kirschner, and to the rest of her family. It contains stories about McGill and her family and includes some family photographs.

McGill has been writing poems and short stories since she was a little girl.. She began in her teenage years adding music to the words. The songs just came to her so easily. It has been a gift from God people would tell her. She has written over 300 songs and in 2009 published her 2nd book, the last one was through It is called Bonnie’s Poems. There are eighty five songs in the book.

The first song she had recorded was a song she wrote about Terry Fox, It was recorded by a band named Homegrown. The name of the song was “TERRY”.

She recorded six more songs in London Ontario, songs she had written and sang with Peter Brennan as producer. These were “No Easy Way Out”, ” Half Wrong Half Right”,”Jesus Paid For It All”, “Smokey Filled Barrooms and Honkey Tonk Songs”, “There’s Nobody Here”, “HighHeeled Shoes”.





bonnie mcgillHer husband Andy who has played guitar all his life, taught her to play a twelve string Ovation Elite Guitar, which he surprised her with one day.. He said ,”Here you go Loretta”, just like Doo did for Loretta Lynn. You gotta learn to play if you’re going to keep on writing those awesome songs. It was truly a blessing.

Bonnie’s next four recordings were done at Gene Breeden Studios in Nashville. She wrote and sang them , “Lisa’s Dream ,” which now she has changed the title to “The Blue Kentucky Hill”, “I Love Loving You”, “Don’t Trade It All For A One Night Stand”, “The Best Years After All”.

Seven songs were recorded at Paramount Group in Nashville. “Little Sadie Walks The Hillside”, “Oil And Water”, “I Said Yes”, “Daddy’s House”, “Trying To Steal Your Heart”, “Back In Arkansas”, and “A Thousand Things”.

In 2011 Deby Kelley recorded a song Bonnie wrote called “Give Him Time”, and she is putting it on her new CD. She will be recording my song “Jesus Paid For It All” on an upcoming gospel cd she is planning. She recorded Give Him Time, at ECHOTA RECORDING STUDIO in Calhoun , Georgia .. owned and operated by Ed Gowens.

Donna Ray also did a version of “Give Him Time”, .. When Bonnie heard The wonderful productions Echota Records was putting out, she says she just had to give them a call, thanks to Deby Kelley.

So far they have produced and recorded seven of Bonnie’s songs sung by Donna Ray. Her voice is just perfect for the traditional style of songs Bonnie writes, and since there are very touching story lines to Bonnie’s writing, her sincere Southern voice brings out the emotion that Bonnie so dearly want to be highlighted.. She sings with feeling and that is an absolute must for me.. Ed Gowens also has narrated several of Bonnies poems , many of them taken from true stories , and has put background music in behind his voice which tears at the heartstrings.

Bonnie’s son Billy told her about Reverbnation, a site where you can put your music on, and in Dec, 2010 I decided to give it a try.. That literally opened up a whole new world for her where she could put her music on a site with close to two million other artists. She is currently at #1 Local, #1 National, #17 Global, # 616 Global All Genres and have 8,489 fans and have 131,103 song play all within 12 months.

bonnie mcgillBonnie’s songs are currently being heard all over the world on Fishing Country Now and Cowgirl Divas Radio and several other independent artist radio stations. Audrey King and Tom Flaton and Deby Kelley are disc jockeys who have helped promote her music tremendously. Audrey King recorded a poem Bonnie wrote called “My Dad Grown Old” with her song Daddy’s House” playing in the background. She has made a website for me Bonnie wrote a song about her called “The Oklahoma Angel.” Bonnie will be recording it soon.

She has won first place on four times out of five in the country Genre. She has one lifetime dream, she is praying Ed Gowens will help her fulfill , that is to have all her songs recorded before they lay her down in a field of stone.






“I continue to write and sing every day. Bonnie McGill”

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