Carlos Wilde

Carlos Wilde

 Carlos Wilde is an eclectic and versatile singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, composing in a wide range of music genres and producing his work.

cwWilde’s songs have fared very well at different sites, some reaching #1 in their genres and/or sub-genres. At present you can find samples of his music on Bandcamp, ReverbNation, YouTube, SoundCloud and Facebook amongst others. His re-released CD’Cocktail’, available at Bandcamp was a runner-up in the IOMA 2005 (International Online Music Awards) for best album and best cover art.

This was his first adventure in his Home Studio and counted on some musician friends to collaborate with him – the result was an interesting and appetizing cocktail of genres – hence the title of the album. Carlos Wilde is getting airplay recognition on some College Radio and other radio stations in the UK, Continental Europe, the US as well as other countries like Australia, New Zealand, etc.

Two of his tracks “Staring at the Dark” and “Dreams” from his CD “Cocktail”, were featured in an Arts programme on ‘Localia TV’. He also has 2 tracks in the 2 compilations released by Atom Sounds (Independent Record Label). Wilde’s work is available on Bandcamp, ReverbNation and SoundCloud. One of the tracks ‘Living on a High’ is also available on CD Baby, and associated music retailers.

These days Carlos Wilde is mainly focused on writing and recording material in his studio and he is currently seeking placement with other artists, Indie Films, Commercials, etc.

Publishing /Licensing – Should anyone want to use his music for Recording, Television, Film, Advertising, etc. please, do not hesitate to contact him.


carlos wilde

Carlos Wilde says: Music and I are eternal lovers. The flow of one note to another (sang and/or played) can touch me in unpredictable ways.

At a very tender age I was entertaining family and friends with my singing. I got up on stage for the first time when I was 6. At the age of 10, I sang in a casino in a variety show.

During primary and secondary school I attended singing classes and was involved in amateur theatre and school music concerts. I also attended guitar lessons for a short while but I define myself as a self-taught instrumentalist. Then I started with bands – some that I formed and others that I was part of mainly as the lead singer/frontman .

I Have worked with several musicians giving life to various music projects. Have performed live in Portugal, Holland, France, Ireland and Spain both at pub/club and concert level.

I tend to listen to most genres since I firmly believe that great exponents can be found in each and every one of them. Rock, Blues, Jazz, Pop, Soul, and many more (the list is endless) have given us many delightful moments. My own path reflects all this.

carlos wildecarlos wildecarlos wilde

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