Cindy Larson

Cindy Larson

Cindy Larson, was born March 4th and she has always lived in Michigan,

cindy larsonUSA but has been fortunate to do a bit of traveling. A bit of that traveling was in 2013 when she was asked to go to Nashville to record her first 5 songs and to do a couple of videos, Elvis is Alive and Get My Boots Wet.

This was a jumping off point for Cindy and since then has co-written four other songs and is working on writing several of her own. Cindy loves to sing! Some of her opportunities have been with her church praise band & choir. Cindy has performed several times for her Quilt Guilds quilting retreats. “(yes, I’m a quilter as well) Cindy says”

Cindy Larson occasionally sings at open mic and sings church solos. She sings a lot of karaoke so she sings all genres including classical and folk songs where she has been fortunate to have sung a couple of solos as well.

In 2014 Cindy was nominated female vocalist of the year. Even though she didn’t win she took the opportunity to attend the Nashville Universe Music Awards in 2015 and says it was an amazing time!!

Cindy loved seeing people she had voted for perform and was able to meet people that she has become friends with on some social sites.
Cindy is married, has two children, a dog, 3 cats, a cockatiel and a full time job as a Professional Pet Groomer.

Cindy says, “when it seems like a zoo around here…. It probably really is!” Her family is very supportive of her music, bless their hearts, as she also dabbles in playing her instruments; the piano, violin, guitar and banjo. Cindy would have to say the one she wants to learn the most would be the guitar as that is what she picks up when she is wanting to practice.

Cindy says, “we do go camping and I have always wanted to play around the fire and have sing alongs.” Some other hobbies she enjoys are fishing, walking, reading and, as she mentioned before, quilting. Cindy belongs to two quilting groups and has entered shows and won a couple ribbons but the thing she loves most about quilting is making gifts for others or donating them to fundraisers or to charities so they can distribute them to people in need.

It is funny how things come about when your life takes a turn in a different direction; in this case for Cindy, singing. She was contacted by a distant relative who’s dream was to always be a singer and he was so proud of her. He told her that she had two distant cousins; Song Bird of the South, Kate Smith and Rock-A-Billy artist Ray Smith.

Cindy also did a self directed, produced and edited video last fall on her song  “Wish You Were Here”.

Cindy’s “Get My Boots Wet” Video is getting about 10,000 views a year which is awesome

You can find her music on her APP for iPhone or Android. It is free and all you have to do is search Cindy Larson. She’s the one in the hat 🙂 Other links to her music are:



Why sing? I have always felt singing can relieve stress or you can use it as an outlet for your feelings. We all can sing and if you love it, do it! If I can make one person smile or touch one person with a song then they have made my day. So I hope you find a spring in your step, a song in your heart and a smile on your lips. ~ Cindy Larson 

cindy larson cindy larson cindy larson

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