Vince Tomanelli

Vince Tomanelli

Vince Tomanelli ~ Born April 26th 1965. Born and raised in Montreal Canada. Vince had a passion for music from a very young age. VINCENT TOMANELLIVince remembers singing Elvis Presley songs when he was 6 years old. He always loved all the classic songs that were being played on the radio (Back then AM radio only) The day after Elvis Presley passed away (August 17th 1977 at age 12) It hurt him so much he asked his Dad to buy him a guitar.

Vince came home that very same day with his brand new (Nylon String Guitar) and remembered sitting on his bed and playing a few notes from Elvis songs without ever having taken a single guitar lesson. (from 1977 to 1982.  He would practice at least 5 hours a day non stop. Picking up and playing music by ear)
In 1982, he had decided to perfect himself by going to take guitar lessons.

He still remembers this as if it were yesterday. Vince walked into a music school/store and told the owner that he wanted to perfect the way he was playing guitar. He sent Vince in a room to get himself evaluated by his guitar teacher. The teacher asked Vince to play a few chords, leads and whatever he was able to play.

The teacher stood up and told Vince to wait while he left the room. About 10 minutes later, The owner of the music school/store walked in the room and asked Vince If he would like to teach for him? Vince was puzzled and asked him what’s going on? Is this a joke? He told Vince that the teacher told him that Vince was way better than him and there was nothing he could teach me that he didn’t already know.

He had fired the teacher on the spot and was begging Vince to teach there. Vince was 17 years old and he wasn’t sure If he was up to that task. He decided to take a chance. Vince was teaching at that school in 1982, 1983, 1984. He began with 2 students and in a matter of months there was a waiting list. (I had taught myself how to read music) says Vince. He was booked solid from Monday’s to Saturday’s. Remember, this was the 80’s.

His students were asking him to teach them everything from ABBA to ZZ TOP and everything in between. In the 80’s punk, disco, dance, rock, pop, were all being played on the radio and even though Vince was known as a Classic Rock lover, he had to pick up every type of song for his students which helped him become a better guitarist. Ex: Cyndi Lauper, Boy George, Phil Collins, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Van Halen, The Scorpions, and the list goes on and on.
Vince Played with many different bands in his life. Did many different shows. Met lots of interesting people. Two of his most memorable shows were, (1) Being invited on a TV show Live on a Sunday night to play with the house band being watched by 1.5 million viewers. (2) An outdoor show opening up for a band that was popular in 1997 (Soul Attorneys) along with 20,000 fans.
Vince has been doing home studio recordings for the last few years and collaborating with musicians from across the world. It’s a whole new chapter in his life and he loves it. Stay tuned for his next chapter.




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