Dean Young

Dean Young

Niagara resident Dean Young was born and raised in Port Colborne, Ontario Canada.

dean young


Blessed with a voice that has been described as “sunshine that should be bottled”, Dean has had musical interests since early childhood.

Growing up around a musical family had Dean performing on stage at the young age of 3, when his father, a well known local Country musician and radio host had Dean showcasing at square dances.

Although Dean’s father had him learning guitar at a very young age, by the age of 15 Dean’s interest in musical instruments turned to playing the drums.

He quickly caught the attention of the local music circuit and was soon playing drums while singing, both backing and lead, with numerous bands in Ontario Canada. (New York Minute, 21 Plus, White Frost, The Limit etc).

Dean also enjoys playing acoustic guitar and percussion. His musical influences are mainly Country and Rock. As a teenager, Dean & his family suffered the profound loss of his Mom to Cancer. And shortly after, his family was stricken with another great loss when his older brother passed away.

With his 2 older siblings already living on their own, this left just Dean and his Dad at home. Their shared love of music strengthened their relationship and helped them through these difficult times.
Dean held a factory job for over 22 years while maintaining his musical interests into adulthood. It wasn’t until more recent years that he took the initiative to leave the steady factory job and make his music first; a move that made him step outside his comfort zone in providing for his young family.

Unfortunately, not too long after this decision, his wife and children became very ill with what they later learned to be Lyme disease and “co-infections”. Their household dropped from 2 person income generating to one. Many of the day-to-day household duties fell on Dean’s shoulders during the next few years.

He’s had to weigh work priorities/time very carefully. The family is thankfully, in a more stable position now as Dean continues to pursue his career in music, and works diligently toward the release of his debut country album.


dean youngDean has performed on a local, national, and international level, to audiences ranging from 400 to 60,000 and shared the staged with acts such as REO Speedwagon, Gretchen Wilson, 38 Special, Collective Soul, Train, Jewel, The Belamy Brothers, and is looking forward to being a part of the opening act for Styx in 2016.

He has been blessed in the decision to pursue and share his love of music, and while performing for audiences across Canada, the USA, Japan, Bermuda and Mexico, fans prove to him every day that sharing his gift on a grander scale is the right decision; and he is very grateful for that.
Song writing has always been a part of Dean’s life and although his writing covers many genres, it’s country music that continues to draw his heart as that was the foundation of his youth.


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One Comment on “Dean Young

  • I am so humbled to be included in your new online Indie Music Magazine Randy & Sheri!
    You are offering Artists an invaluable hand in the industry and it is greatly appreciated!
    Country music touches all ages and genres; it can create emotional connections we make in our daily lives, and can affect us deeply. There are many songs I can hear today that will immediately take me to a place or emotion back in time. To be able to share that “connection” with other people through my songs is truly an honour.
    There are so many good Artists out there who would like to share their craft with the world and you’ve provided the outlet for that to happen.
    Sincerest, “Thank you” from the bottom of my heart for all of your kind words and support!


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