Krush Band Review by Brett Stewart

Krush Band Review by Brett Stewart

Krush Band Review by Brett Stewart who is a journalism major at Columbia College Chicago.

He is a writer, reporter, musician, producer, filmmaker and businessman. Since 2011, Brett has been releasing studio albums. Now, in 2015, he has released 10 studio albums. Stewart is currently composing music for three films, all of which will premiere in 2015 and 2016. In 2012 he founded the independent creative publication, Strike Magazine, serving as the Publisher and Editor-in-Chief being recognized by Jann Wenner of Rolling Stone.
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It’s no secret to anyone who occupies their local independent music scene that the School of Rock organization has an uncanny ability to produce incredibly versatile and talented young acts. More so, the organization does a fine job of turning them onto some solid music. That’s exactly the case in regard to Krush, a four-piece outfit that has been making headlines throughout South Florida for the better part of the last year. Their oldest members? They’re twelve years old.
Having covered School of Rock shows, and having had kids from the organization open up for a show of mine, I’ve had some extensive experience witnessing the pitfalls and triumphs of young acts like these. To be blunt, they’re often adorable train wrecks. You can’t help but feel the love for them, even if they’re blundering their way through a Led Zeppelin song like a drunken cover band at a karaoke bar on a Tuesday night. Does Krush do that? Fortunately, no.
Let’s talk about one of the band’s performances: a cover of Pat Benatar’s classic, ‘Heartbreaker.’ It’s a remarkably fluid performance, and the dynamic between vocalist Ben Meller and the three instrumentalists is powerful. They don’t fall subject to other preteen act stereotypes: falling out of step, missing notes, etc. The strongest performance is by far Nicholas Rothschild, the ten year-old guitar. Goodness, he can really rock out. The other three aren’t half bad, either. But he’s the showman.
I can really appreciate the fact these kids are playing such timeless rock and roll. That adds to the endearing nature of Krush. They do a pretty faithful version of Heart’s ‘Barracuda,’ too. Thus, there isn’t too much to critique here. I could argue that Meller’s preteen croons make the music feel somewhat juvenile, but come on, he’s eleven. Give him another five or six years, those pipes will surely develop into something that’ll have all the ladies swooning.
Krush is a wonderfully exciting little outfit chock-full of energy and positivity. Again, like many School of Rock trained acts, they’re embracing the classics. That’s always fun to see. They’re doing it right and they’re damn impressive for their age.

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