To quote lead singer Ben Meller: “Music is my Passion. If you have a dream, follow it and your dream will come true just like mine.”

Congratulations to the 2016 Award Winners


(Junior Category (ages 6-12 all genre)
Artist/Group of the Year





Lead Singer Ben Meller is featured to the left.  Ben MellerDelray Beach, Florida is a small beach town on the East Coast of Florida with a population of just under 62,000. But nested in the middle of this small town USA is a rock band that will blow your socks off.
When we think about Rock Bands we imagine the likes of Eddie Van Halen, Iron Maiden, Diamond Head, Bon Jovi and even Guns N’ Roses of the 80’s music scene.
But this band is composed of a newer generation of rock musicians and I am not talking about 30-40 year olds rocking it out. I am talking about a group of preteen musicians in the 10-12 age group.
They go by the band name “KRUSH” and krushing the stage is what they do best. They are led in part by the lead singer; a 11 year old named Ben Meller followed by the lead guitarist 11 year old Nicholas “Nicky” Rothschild. Twelve year old Landon Caballero is their bass player and backup vocals and putting it all together is their drummer 12 year old Tristan Yeager.
It was the winter of 2013 when Brad Rothschild, the parent of guitarist Nicholas wanted to find exceptionally talented musicians to play with their son. Picking each member of the band, Brad and his wife Laurie brought together this group of boys developing them into what can only be described as a young Rock Band destined for greatness.
Rehearsing weekly at DC Rehearsal Studios these child prodigies continue to grow as professional musicians and performers. Each performance only gets better and the KRUSH fan base is quickly expanding from preteen admirers to industry professionals. They are capturing the attention of both local and major media and quickly making a name for themselves as the next generation of rock.
To quote lead singer Ben Meller: “Music is my Passion. If you have a dream, follow it and your dream will come true just like mine.”
Current events for this band is a weekly Saturday morning show that is slated for network television with producer Tony Bongiovi creator of the legendary PowerStation Studios and former VP of Epic Records and Ron Alexenburg known for his work with Michael Jackson.

The band will be the characters, voice overs and the touring band on this project once it airs. Earlier in 2015 the band won the 2015 ALS JAM FOR THE CURE battle of the bands and their lead singer Ben Meller is the winner of the 2014 Boca’s Got Talent.

In addition they were named the Judges Choice Winners in the Deerfield Beach Founding Father’s Day Parade.
The band who recently celebrating their first year have opened up for some bigger names including Melissa Etheridge, Montgomery Gentry, Smash Mouth and Hefton Drive. After their first show in June 2014, the band was featured on a CBS special called “Extraordinary People” that aired on CBS.
Their most recent performance was held at the Cruzan Amphitheatre (currently known as the Perfect Vodka Amphitheatre) one of South Florida’s premiere venues for major concerts where they were invited to perform at the VIP lounge.
The bands has won numerous awards, prizes and competitions and are sure to be on their way to become one of South Florida’s most talented youth bands.
At the beginning of January 2016 they were the feature story in a magazine called West Palm Beach.

For further information on the band, please visit:
Website –
Facebook –
Their youtube channel is located at:
and one of their recent songs, a rendition of Heartbreakers just passed the 80,000 views mark and up.
You can view a list of their recent events at:

The band also does numerous charity events within their community and even host their own food drive called Krush Hunger.

If that is not all, they also perform charity work as listed above

Krush is a pre-teen, classic rock band, who began playing together in December 2013, after bonding, forming friendships, and discovering their obvious chemistry at the School of Rock in Lake Worth, Florida.

Krush is a vision of Brad and Laurie Rothschild, parents of lead guitarist Nicholas Rothschild, after experiencing frustration with trying to find better musicians to play with the exceptionally talented Nick. Brad and his wife Laurie handpicked each Krush member with the hopes of a better band, better sound, and better quality. Laurie has a musical background and an ear for what is needed, this has been instrumental in the development of the band and the songs they play.

Recent Awards have been:

The band won: First Place – 2015 ALS JAM FOR THE CURE: Battle of the Bands

The lead singer Ben Miller won: First Place – 2014 Boca’s got Talent
The lead singer Ben Miller was recently nominated for the The Josie Show Awards in the: All Genre Junior Category Artist of The Year (ages 6-12)

They were mentioned in the SunSentinel Newspaper which is a local newspaper in Broward County, FL

Some of the comments from people in the music business:
“If I had a hat, I’d be taking it off to you,” said judge Nicko McBrain, Iron Maiden drummer and Coral Springs restaurateur.
“You were worth the trip. I am sold,” said Tommy Mitchell, former lead singer for Blood, Sweat & Tears.

CBS news showcased them as well:

In some of the older blogs and CBS news it shows the bass player as Sam North. However as of July 2015 the new bass player for the band is Landon Caballero. Sam left the band.

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