Helen Coleman

Helen Coleman

Helen Coleman – Bluesy Jazz Standards, Contemporary Classical, and Operatic arias.

helen colemanHelen Coleman just worked for 3 years to sing again after complete vocal loss due to surgery for thyroid cancer… stubborn wins …. so she is back singing, back in the saddle. She has a 40s style Classical Jazz voice… and loves the standards with a blues feel, especially a shuffle!

She is a Soprano, so sound a little more like the singers from the Golden era of Jazz and Hollywood… although after they removed her thyroid, she sounded like Vito Corleone for at least a year!

Helen Coleman was born in Cloncurry, Outback Queensland, and grew up in on a farm with her Grandparents. She says she will always be just a country girl who loves horses. At one point, she left singing behind to work in the Australian Outback as a Governess/Jillaroo (cowgirl) for several years. Helen Coleman says “It was great – it helped me to make some enduring career choices”.

Helen Coleman had commenced piano and singing lessons at the age of 11, with a London trained Soprano retired to country Queensland. This exceptional early formal training conceived a sound practical knowledge of Bel Canto technique, and instilled an enduring love of both classical music, and the Standards of the 30s and 40s.

Further formal training saw her performing both nationally and internationally, and it was a wonderful part of her life for which she will always be grateful.

Helen Coleman is a Lirico Spinto or Dramatic Lyric Soprano, and this type of voice is one capable of singing a generous repertoire. She can sing an Operatic aria, a blues tune, or Gospel, and embrace them all.

Although she have formally trained in Opera, she has a natural feel for the blues, and love to sing anything with that groove. In 2012, she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer, and surgery resulted in complete loss of both her speaking and singing voice. She worked and studied seemingly endlessly (singing only hundreds of scales requires some serious dedication!) to re-establish her voice, and return to performance.

Helen Coleman says she ran the entire gamut of her emotions in every rehearsal session, especially when her voice kept locking up on notes, usually in Ave Verum. She was so disturbed that, almost three years to the day from surgery, she recorded it first.

She loves to engage in both session and live performance, and hope that a songwriter will collaborate, and afford her the opportunity to perform and record their work. This is because she is fairly certain that her song writing skills are right up there with her bull riding skills





helen coleman

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