Lost Generation Metal

Lost Generation Metal

LOST GENERATION emerged from the local music scene in Nashville. It has been an uphill battle due to the fact that other bands were following the latest trends to get noticed.

They live for the music and the fans they’ve gathered have shown that their brand of pumping Hard Rock is loved and appreciated. LOST GENERATION is influenced by Ozzy, Dio, Black Sabbath, Alice Cooper, AC/DC, Scorpions, Judas Priest, Queensryche and Motley Crüe.

Members are:

Ranko “RC” Curic – Vocals
RC was born in Croatia. He started Lost Generation November 15, 1980.He has been a lead singer in several other bands in Europe to include “Suspicious People”, “City Hall”, “Black Widow” and “Out of Key”.  He restarted Lost Generation here in USA (Nashville,TN.) May12,1997 and the band recorded their album “Why” in 2004 with Jetspeed Records. Then in 2009 the band recorded the “Tears” album on FYF Records. Since then the band has improved their sound and written new material. We have recently recorded a new CD that has not yet been released.

Danny Jo Brown – Guitar
Danny Jo was born and raised in Nashville. He picked up his first guitar in 1979 at 11 years old, teaching myself everything by ear. He moved to the outskirts of Chicago in 2000 were played in a couple jam bands and honed skills. When he moved back to Nashville in 2005, he played with an original rock band. He recorded his debut album (CD) with the band, and played tons of shows around the area, including a few very large biker rallies.

Wolffgang Müller – Guitar
Wolffgang Müller was born in Würzburg, Germany. He has lived in various cities in Bavaria and listened to many hard rock and heavy metal bands encouraged him to learn to play. He is influenced on guitar by Uli Jon Roth and the Schenker brothers.

Ronald Lyons – Drums
Ronnie started playing at the age of 14. Growing up in Cleveland, Ohio he joined his first band in junior high and began playing for friends. By the time he was in high school he had begun playing out at pubs around town. After high school he played with TBS all over Ohio and opened for several national acts before moving to Nashville in 2005. Once in Nashville he played with many acts but most. notably Kill City before joining Lost Generation

Lost Generation Metal Members: Ranko Curic aka RC – Vocals, Danny Jo Brown – Guitar, Wolffgang Müller – Guitar, Alisher Gulyamov – Bass, Ronnie Lyons – DrumsGenre: Hard Rock / Rock / Classic Metal



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