Ashleigh Burns

Ashleigh Burns

Ashleigh Burns is a 16 year old Singer/Songwriter from Glasgow, Scotland. Ashleigh BurnsShe performs at charity events and also compete in local and national competitions.

Ashleigh Burns plays piano and she says she recently learned to play the acoustic guitar.

Some of the venues she has played in are: The Garage, The Royal Concert Hall, Glasgow Barrowlands, Classic Grand and she recently played the emotional re-opening of The Clutha Bar which was honour to be part of an amazing experience.

Her ambition is to be a professional musician/recording artist.

Ashleigh is currently working very hard to build a fan base and get my music heard.

Ashleigh’s Pages-



Twitter – @AshleighBMusic

Ashleigh BurnsAshleigh BurnsAshleigh Burns

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