BURZZA – Rock / Acoustic, Alternative / Mellow Metal


BURZZADetroit guitarist Gregg Curran writes the music. while Mary Curran vocalist, provides all vocals and lyrics.

A unique duo with a unique sound! “BURZZA” is a husband /wife duet that records and plays live with backing tracks they construct.

In the past, guest drummers and bass players have also participated in some originals and cover songs, and through the years they have enjoyed the company of some very good players!

When playing Live they are currently playing all covers, with their rhythm backing tracks (bass & drums) you hear on the reverbnation site.

Mary and Gregg perform heavier classic rock/metal music emphasizing complex guitar and vocal technique.





All guitar parts are played by Gregg and Mary preforms all vocals and records all her own harmonies.

Gregg is also the sound engineer, doing all recording/mixing/mastering and Mary is the video creator,editor.

BURZZA is a lightning storm by true definition, Mary Curran just added one more “z”!

They hope you enjoy their music!







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