Cliff Cunningham

Cliff Cunningham

When you have lived in seven different countries and are well-known for performing at protests dating back to the 1980s, it stands to reason that you probably have a lot of great material for your original folk songs.Cliff Cunningham Such is the case for singer-songwriter Clifford Cunningham of The 99%. Born to American parents in Colombia, Clifford spent most of his early years living in countries such as Mexico, Peru, and El Salvador before moving to the United States as a teenager.

The experience of seeing so much of the world combined with Clifford’s deep interest in political issues resulted in him releasing a uniquely themed album in 2015. Summer of Relevance focuses on three important themes: perspectives of wars, the 1967 Summer of Love in San Francisco, and Clifford’s own views on various tropical countries around the world. One song from that CD, “Lay Down Your Blood Red Roses”, was featured on the BBC’s Sunday Folk Music Program.

There are several causes that are close to Clifford’s heart. He has long been a champion for improving the treatment of undocumented workers from Latin America, an issue that served as inspiration for his song, “Pesadilla de la Migra”. On a more personal level, Clifford is passionate about issues related to helping children on the autism spectrum. His teenage son was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome.

Members: Vocals: Cliff Cunningham Backing Vocals Bird Brenner Jensen, Production 8 Ball Aitken OR Chris Sheffer Electric Guitar: 8 Ball Aitken OR Chris Sheffer Acoustic Guitar, Bass: Dave Francis OR David Morgenstern Drums, Percussion: Dennis Holt OR Shannon Spencer Pedal Steel: Michael Flanders Audio Engineer: Dustin Martin OR Neon Audio Mastering: Telegraph Mastering Recorded at 2729 Audio OR Dancing Dog Studio

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