A little bit about my music projects

A little bit about my music projects

Hello everyone, well as I mentioned before, I am a songwriter, online session musician and producer.

Last year I began working with two great lady songwriters, whose names are JoAnn Lewis and Faith King, they own a publishing company and now they are my publishers and JoAnn is my manager. The publishing company is Golden Star Publishing and it is located in Visalia, California.

We have many projects going on as a team, and I also have my own projects individually. To mention just a few, we are writing

songs in different genres, country, pop, instrumentals, etc, to build up our catalog and place our songs either with artists or on film

and television.

Individually I am producing a country music band located in Mexico called Country Rio, doing co-writes with another great songwriter, and producing a song for a good friend of mine who is a singer and dancer as well, the song will be a very interesting musical fusion that I will let you know about in good time.

I also will be sharing some of my experiences as a musician, songwriter and producer. Like my songwriting processes, production tips, experiences producing a song, tips on how to record, etc.

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