MAYA – Miruna Popescu

MAYA – Miruna Popescu

Miruna Popescu, better known as MAYA Pop, is a Romanian young artist who is well known for posting remix videos of popular music on YouTube.

MAYA - Miruna PopescuMiruna Popescu is a 14 year old living in Bucharest, Romania, and she is a sociable and friendly person and she loves making new friends.She also likes drawing, dancing and taking photos.

Miruna says “I love music the most. I really love it! I love it with all my heart.”

If Miruna had to start her life from the beginning, she says she would do the same thing for sure and couldn’t imagine herself doing anything else. She says she lives and breathes music.

She says when she was very little she used to listen to music all day long.

In 2010, at 9 years old, her parents realized that music became passion for her so she started to sing in a children group named “Miracle”.

In 2012 she started School of Art which she graduated in June 2015 with “A” mark.

She took part in many music contests where she earned lots of prizes,(more than 70) and participated in many Tv and Radio shows and also in many performances.

In 2013 she won her first international prize at Beat 100 contest with the cover of the song “Dear mama”(Blaxy Girl).

Also in 2013 she won the Tv music contest “MyKaraoke Star” where she was the only child contestant. The prize was a music project so, at the beginning of 2014 she released her first single “Ochii tai” (Your eyes) and she chose MAYA as the stage name.

mayaIn 2014 Miruna signed with Adrian Sana, a very well known composer in Romania, and she started to perform in XOXO band. In December they released the song “Bal de liceu”(Highschool Pram) with Cat Music and Premium Artist labels.

For Miruna this collaboration means the step from contests to professional music.

In June 2015 she won “I wanna be famous” contest where she earned “The most famous award 2015” and she was invited for two weeks in Las Vegas. There she had a professional photo shooting made by Heather….. and an interview with Michel Airlington as Ester Goldberg, a very famous personage in USA. The prize is an album of 8 songs. The first one she already released in September “Do some good”.

In November 2015 she released her new single “Be strong” made by TommoProduction with a videoclip made by John Diamond.

Miruna says “I love my life and I am thankful to everybody who helped me to become who I am today. I am also thankful to all my fans who supported me these years.”

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