Taylor Gayle

Taylor Gayle


is a Singer-Songwriter Soul Pop Artist. She captivates audiences with a sound older than her years, blending throwback Blues and Jazz with her original songs or unique versions of her favorite covers.  She has no fear, an unbelievable talent and huge dreams.


Taylor GayleIt is extremely rare in today’s modern music industry to find a young artist willing to put in the time required to perfect their craft in addition to learning about marketing, fan engagement, music business, and all of the other things that don’t come with the lights and glamor of performing on stage. Having already performed at New York City’s legendary Apollo Theater and being mentored by the former manager of one of the world’s biggest stars, it is safe to say that Taylor Gayle of Plano, Texas isn’t your typical young artist. Her unique style of Soulful Pop is already drawing praise and attention from Texas to New York.

Like many singers and musicians, Taylor admits to being drawn to music at a very young age. She was only a few years old when she started changing the words to traditional children songs and finding ways to make them her own. But there was one moment in particular that set her on the path of forging a career in the music industry.

“When I was seven-years-old, I saw a video of Aretha Franklin,” remembers Taylor. “I saw that and knew right away that I wanted to be just like her when I grow up.”

While many artists her age are content covering songs by other artists, Taylor puts a great deal of time and energy into writing her own music. The end result has been original songs that fans of all ages can connect with.

“My original music is really taking stories from real life,” Taylor says. “Either from my life or the people around me. I try to send a message that people of all ages can relate to.”

Several of those songs are popular with Taylor’s fan base for just that reason. Elementary Love explores the basics of love. Carousel tells the story of a boy who broke Taylor’s heart. Brave Enough encourages and inspires people to pursue their dreams. Before You’re Gone discusses many of the things Taylor wished she could have done with her grandfather before his passing. All heavy subjects for a young girl.

But Taylor’s success is dependent upon more than her impressive songwriting and live performance talents. She has putting an emphasis on learning about and understanding how artists thrive in today’s music industry. She is continuously expanding her education on music business, music marketing, and more. What is her favorite aspect of the behind-the-scenes work?

“For me, it would be getting to attend workshops and learning from the experts.” she says. “Also meeting other artists at these events. I am always the youngest one there but I’m not afraid to ask questions and participate like all the adults. I’ve always been taught that, if I want to be a musician and have this be my career then, I have to understand the business as much as know how to sing and create music.”

Taylor GayleFortunately for everyone involved, pursuing the business part of music isn’t difficult for Taylor. She has shown a penchant for business for years. This is a young person who created and operated a business selling homemade bracelets at school…until it became so successful that she caught the attention of school officials who eventually ordered her to shut it down!

She has also sought out some of the best mentors an aspiring artist can turn to. Taylor is part of an exclusive artist development group overseen by Rick Barker. Barker, the former manager of music superstar Taylor Swift and a member of the mentor team for the American Idol season XIV finalists, created Music Industry Blueprint to educated singers and musicians on some of the most important facets of the music industry.

“Rick is the best at creating relationships with fans and other people in the music industry” Taylor points out. “He is great at introducing different people in the industry at his workshops. And I have learned so much about social media marketing from him that I feel like I am able to build a business as I grow as an artist.”

Taylor is also a student at PCG Nashville, an artist development program headed by Bernard Porter. A mainstay in the music business for nearly three decades, Porter has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry, including Jason Aldean, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Little Richard. He has also served as an entertainment consultant to major corporations such as Mall of America, Dave & Busters, and Marriott Hotels.

“My favorite part has to be the songwriting,” Taylor explains. “I write with serious pro’s. One has over 20 number-one hits and was nominated for four Grammy’s and has four Dove awards. Without PCG, I would have never have been able to write with those types of writers.”

And with all of that taking up Taylor’s time, she still manages to perform live. With performances at well-known venues like House of Blues, Gilley’s, and Nashville’s popular Commodore, Taylor is getting an early start on building up a fan base. One of her favorite performances came when she took the stage at the Apollo in New York City.

“It was amazing. Simply amazing,” Taylor says as her face lights up. “Everyone was so nice and sweet. They treated me as a professional. I loved being able to work with the music director and working out how my song was going to be played. And you could feel the history walking in there. They even told me stories about famous singers that got booed.”

For this young lady from the Lone Star State, her star in the sky couldn’t be shining any more brightly.

For more information on Taylor Gayle, visit her website at www.TaylorGayle.com.




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