Killing Vogue

Killing Vogue

Formed in 2013 Killing Vogue is a 4-piece hard rock band from Vancouver, BC. Killing VogueNick Allen and Nick Rusby formed the core of the band after playing together for several years throughout their youth.

A long time friend and fellow musician Paul Kim joined after some collaboration with other acts.

Once the instrumental section of KV found their sound, Jarod Piett joined as the frontman.

His unique melodies and rasp were an instant fit, finalizing the Killing Vogue line-up in February of 2013.

The result was a sound that embraces the raw sounds of stoner and blues rock as well as the technicality of progressive rock.

The tight rhythm section and long time friends Nick Allen and Nick Rusby provide a unique groove to highlight the smooth sounds of guitarist Paul Kim.

Killing Vogue is known for high energy stage presence and hard hitting riffs that are sure to grab your attention.

Killing Vogue

Band Members
Vocals – Jarod Piett,
Lead Guitar – Paul Kim,
Bass – Nick Allen,
Drums – Nick Rusby
For bookings and inquiries contact Clyde Hill at 778-323-0412 or

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