Brad Gray

Brad Gray

Growing up with both parents as professional country musicians,his mother a singer and father a steel guitar player, brad grayBrad Gray was exposed to music at a very young age and playing and writing songs as a child.

Playing drums in night clubs with his parents band at the age of twelve was his first experience with a live audience and he has never looked back.

After playing music on the road for several years in his late teens and early twenties with a band called Pegasus, he decided to stay closer to his home and family while still performing throughout his home state of California.

After winning songwriting contests and a song writing award in Nashville he decided to start his own all original band (The Gray Brothers Band) with his brother Curt Gray and childhood friends Tony Carlson, Jeff Carlson, Dave Medlo and Bobby Faulke,and they are still performing today with the original members.

Besides being a singer/songwriter he also an accomplished guitarist,drummer and keyboardist. Brad says “love country and I love rock” , so his country songs sound a little rock and his rock songs sound a little country, but he really loves what he is doing.

Brad Gray has always believed in playing original music, “after all isn’t creating music what being a musician is all about”.

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