Sheri Lynn – Keeper of my Dreams

Sheri Lynn – Keeper of my Dreams


sheri lynnOne day after writing my song “Keeper of my Dreams” I decided to have it produced by two different producers, with the same exact lyrics. I often wondered what a song would sound like if two entirely different people were involved in producing my demos. I decided to do the female vocals with Aerugo Productions out of Nashville with a 5 piece band.

In the meantime I also sent the same lyrics off to Paramount Song also in Nashville to do an acoustic version with male vocals. I had used David Tao on two of my other songs “Songs of Yesterday” and “Have you set me Free” so requested that he do the vocals on this demo too.

The hardest part with having demos made with my lyrics is the waiting. You know what you think it sounds like or should sound like, and when it arrives it can be totally not what you expected, and sometimes it can be pretty darn close. But the excitement is always there, and you check your mail daily to see if it has arrived.

To my surprise when I got the female version of “Keeper of my Dreams” I was very impressed and it turned out beautiful. In the back of my mind I was thinking, what was I thinking, why did I try this experiment? Was it a waste of my time and money? But to my surprise when the male acoustic version showed up I was again taken back. This is awesome. So to anyone out there, if you ever thought about doing this, give it a try! It’s amazing how the same lyrics can sound totally different.

But you don’t have to take my word for it, go to my page at or my web site at and you make the call. See which one you like. So far the results have been pretty close to 50/50.

Sheri Lynn
February 2016

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