Tiziano Pellegrino

Tiziano Pellegrino

Tiziano Pellegrino, guitarist expert and organ hammond player, multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, composer, arranger, guitar teacher and author ukulele method.

Tiziano PellegrinoTiziano Pellegrino born in the Florence historic center “Italy”, 17/04/1984, in a artists family. He had started his career at the adolescence age, and is self-taught, He was alternating the “street school” and “house school”. His teacher is his father, professor – conductor, Symphony Orchestra cellist of the ” Maggio Musicale Fiorentino “, organist, guitarist and cello teacher at Accademy. He grew up with “bluesman of road”, and this has allowed him to learn special guitar tricks!

As in the history of jazz, his paternal grandfather owned a “barbershop salon” in an old castle, a place from which it took the name of “Barbershop Harmony” in the early 900′ in New Orleans, and where did the first apprenticeship and older musicians that gave birth to jazz , such as Jelly Roll Morton. Tiziano has met famous musicians and conductors such as: “Zubin Mehta” and “Riccardo Muti”,tenors “Luciano Pavarotti”, “Plácido Domingo” and “Josep Carreras”, the great cellist “Mstlav Rostropovich” violinists “Itzhak Perlman” and “Uto Ughi”.

He attended mysterious musicians and great music experts. Moreover He has inherited the Italian style from his maternal grandfather, a particularly refined and gentle man. Now, he is engaged in research of traditional African-American Blues, through the search for documents and listening to rare material.



Tiziano PellegrinoHis mother, music passionate, She has funded everything about his many musical projects, instruments and tape cassettes, LPs, CDs, Books, etc.. He has inherited a lot of valuable musical information from a Mr. “S”. Tiziano Pellegrino is a handcrafted guitars collector and he boasts many musical collaborations worldwide with famous musicians, actors, directors and cinematographer. Son of Art. Credited on IMDb (International Movie Data base).

Tiziano plays: classic, acoustic and electric guitar, dobro, bass, lapsteel, 4/5/6 strings banjo, ukulele, harmonica, Hammond, piano, Wurlitzer, pump organ, drums, cajon, percussion, maracas, congas, djembe, darbuka, tabla, washboard, washtube, jug, chimes, xylophone, kazoo and squeezebox.

Tiziano Pellegrino music projects:

In his original songs True Magic and 93rd Street, he sang and played all instruments.

Avalaible on iTunes, Google Play Music, cdbaby, Amazon, Bancamp and Spotify.

Tiziano Pellegrino external music projects:

Official composer and arranger of the song with videoclip “La Ragazzina Dagli Occhi Blu” published by “ARTEMISIA” association to combat violence against the women. with sponsorship of the Florence city (Committee on Equal Opportunities of the Florence City ). It will be given to charity to support the fight against violence against women.

Tiziano Pellegrino


iTunes:  https://itunes.apple.com/it/artist/tiziano-pellegrino/id954787540

Google Play Music: https://play.google.com/store/music/artist/Tiziano_Pellegrino?id=A3qbzoz4wkathndqb7uyjs7e26u

Cdbaby:  http://www.cdbaby.com/Artist/TizianoPellegrino

Amazon: http://www.amazon.it/s/ref=dm_ar_dp_rd?ie=UTF8&field-author=Tiziano%20Pellegrino&index=digital-music&search-type=ss

Bandcamp: https://tizianopellegrino.bandcamp.com

International Movie Database  http://m.imdb.com/name/nm6698516/?ref_=fn_al_nm_1

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