Producing songs

Producing songs

A couple of years back I started producing my own songs and now I have been fortunate to be able to produce songs for other

artists as well. I have to say that producing a song is a true art and craft that you have to polish day by day, it takes time and

patience to know what will fit better in the song. I want to share with you a few tips as to what you need to look out for when

producing a song.

1.- Analyze the song first.-

Songs sometimes speak for themselves when it comes to knowing what arrangement will fit better. So first take a look at the

lyrics, the mood the song describes, etc. This can be very helpful to decide what instrumentation will it need, what genre will it fit

into, etc.


2.- Don’t overproduce the song.-

It is good to have your songs filled in all the right places, but remember to keep it simple, a basic instrumentation is sometimes

better than a whole lot of tracks that can distract from the content of the song.


3.- Clean up your tracks.-

After doing all of your recording, the second process is to mix, while you mix you also should clean your tracks. There are

sometimes unnecesary noises like hums produced by guitars, or maybe breaths of the singer that remain in the track. Make sure

to edit as much as possible all your tracks, so you have a very professional final mix.


4.- Levels.-

Never forget to keep all your instruments at the correct levels. Acoustic guitars for example, should accompany the singer, make

them sound bright but don’t overcome the singer. A track with good volume levels in the instrumentation will definitely give your

song the “professional outfit ” to captivate your audience.


To conclude, I would like to say a phrase that a famous Latin songwriter and producer said once: ” Songs will ask you questions

and you will have to answer them ” In other words everytime you produce a song, the song will require something and your

experience and judgement will guide you as to what will be the best to make your song outstanding.

Have a great and blessed week!!

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