Andolyn Parrish

Andolyn Parrish

Andolyn Parrish is an Alabama singer and songwriter from the charming town of Scottsboro.

Andolyn ParrishShe attends Auburn University as a Communication Studies major, though she would prefer to spend her days drinking ridiculously strong coffee while exploring the world–and writing about her adventures along the way.

Although she wrote her first song at age 11, the ever-dramatic Andolyn kept her skills a secret until her high school Senior Memory Day where she finally played an original song, “Hit the Ground Running”, in front of over 700 people. Afterward, she was flooded with requests for digital copies of the song and, in that exhilarating moment, decided college was merely a formality; music was her business.

Since then, Andolyn has copyrighted and recorded several songs and still writes almost daily, drawing inspiration from her own experiences, people she watches in coffee shops, and her quite vivid imagination, of course. She enjoys traveling, reading, all things outdoors, and is currently writing a novel.

Andolyn’s goal as an artist is to move past idealistic norms for life and love and expose, instead, the raw feelings and emotions that are too often tucked away in efforts to fit in or be “cool”. She digs to the core, finds the whole truth, and displays it splendidly in her music.

“Delivery, along with her lyrical prowess, is something not everyone can do. The way she inflects her voice at the right moments makes it so you can hear a noticeable change in the feeling she’s trying to convey through her music.” – David Hammonds, GRAMMY nominated producer


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