Callie Twisselman

Callie Twisselman

California-based singer/songwriter Callie Twisselman released her newest 5-song EP, “PARTY LIGHTS” in February 2015.

Callie TwisselmanHer first single, “Breathe,” hit top 30 on MusicRow’s CountryBreakout™ Chart.
Her follow-up single, “Hung Me On The Line,” is expected to be another chart hit with its fun, catchy beat and sassy lyrics. “This song is basically about a guy just up and leaving his girl,” Callie says. “It was written by my friend, Ford Thurston, who was also the guitar player on my first album.

Hung Me On The Line is climbing the Charts! Has broken the Top 40 on MusicRow Chart.

Even though it’s the first song I’ll be putting out that I didn’t write, it’s so relatable for me having gone through a divorce this past year. I fell in love with the song the first time I heard it and then had the idea to record it from a woman’s perspective.”
Callie’s upbringing affected her interest in music at a young age. She grew up on a grain and cattle ranch in Cholame, California, which had been in her family for seven generations.

Her musical tastes – a love of Country and ‘90s Pop – were shaped by her parents. Her mom sang in a Country band, and both of her parents listened to Country and Southern Rock. While her dad loved Shania Twain, her mom listened to Patsy Cline, Dolly Parton, George Strait and Barbara Mandrell.
Callie wrote her first composition before she even had her driver’s license and acknowledges her writing style has progressed over the years. She still has most of her first songs in a box at home and finds it interesting to revisit those early songs.

Callie TwisselmanCallie enjoys taking people’s emotions and making them into art. “Sometimes, I write about things that are going on in my life, about friends and family—anything that is real.”
As Callie’s interest in music progressed, she began singing the National Anthem everywhere she could and thought, “This is something I want to do.”

She admits that “The Star Spangled Banner” was not the easiest song to attempt, but she says the more she sang it, the more at ease she was. “I was 10 when I first sang it at one of the local fairs, and I remember being nervous, but I had so much fun doing it.” She also developed a love for playing the guitar, which she picked up as a teenager.
At 18, Callie traveled to Nashville for the first time to visit her cousins. “I discovered that everyone wants to be a songwriter or artist there, which can be very intimidating,” she says. “When I came back to record my first CD, it was an unforgettable experience.”

Callie was amazed at the uncanny knack of the musicians to turn an idea into sonic gold. “I learned a lot from everyone in the studio, and they really helped make my songs come to life. They know exactly what you’re thinking and where you want it to go.”

Throughout this process, Callie developed her songwriting craft and learned how to make lyrics read more like stories.
Callie will be on the road the rest of this year promoting her songs on a radio tour. “Meeting the DJs and program directors who play such a crucial role in my career is very important to me.

I love traveling and experiencing new places,” Callie says with a smile.
With her drive, determination, energy and warm personality, she’s ready to take her career to the next level and hopes to play the Grand Ole Opry someday.

She also wants to continue her dream of performing on the road. “I get a huge level of excitement when I go on stage, and I like to make other people happy and see them having a good time!”
For Callie Twisselman, it’s safe to say that the “Good Times” are only just beginning!


Callie Twisselman “Hung Me On The Line”

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