Kevin Kerr

Kevin Kerr

After years of performing in bands, playing mostly “Rock And Roll”, Kevin decided to go solo.

kevin kerrKevin Kerr a Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist who found his true love as a Troubadour. A story teller. Much like Phil Ochs and Woodie Guthrie.

For a few years or so he did form a trio with Joe Piszczek on Lead Guitar and Rich Wallace on Bass.

The sound was perfect- but as the way of many bands do, it broke up. Before that and since then he had performed only Coffee Houses, Colleges and House Concerts as a solo.

He writes much of his music but covers a great variety of other artists. Kevin thanks all those who helped him on those recordings.

A couple of songs he did do on his own.

“I hope you like them and that they make you think, and most importantly, make you feel..” says Kevin

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