Cat Beach

Cat Beach

It has been Cat’s life’s work to help people transition and go through changes knowing that they are not alone.


Cat BeachIn 2009 Cat headed to Los Angles to record her first album. She teamed up with some of the music industry’s finest top musicians: Lee Sklar, Dean Parks, Herman Matthews and Ned Albright.

Together they created true art, a beautiful moving and tremendously honest album called “Love Me Out Loud.”

This year brings completion of her 2nd EP ‘Win’ which will be highlighted in the 2016 seminar series ‘Music ‘n Motion’

The spirit of the album has been described as “warm and strong.”

Her lyrics carry a personal message of her “struggles and her surrender.”

And like any true great artist, her music evokes a classic soulfulness that transcends genre and generation.

She is a mentor for children – with a passion to share knowledge and help those who would not otherwise have the opportunity.

Cat has spent the latter part of 15 years, coaching men and women to find the best version of themselves, both in weight-loss, strength training and life coaching. She can often be heard saying – “It can be done…. Build your body… don’t break it down!”

Cat BeachAfter a difficult bout with panic disorder years ago, along with an inability to perform during those dark days, Cat has fought back through the trenches to perform on major stages from Miami to Music City.

She openly shares her journey and overcoming those obstacles with those around her and on stage.

She has finally brought her three passions of music, mentoring and fitness together under one roof with a great message of overcoming.

She and her colleagues, Catherine ‘Cat’ Medley and Bets Wilson, from ‘Cats on a Mission’ will begin the “Music ‘n Motion’ seminar series this fall in Music City.

Its a full day of stories of life altering change from musicians and artists uniquely local to Nashville. Its also packed with knowledge from experts in the fitness and medical professionals.All sharing from different disciplines of body change. All in one place to express their stories and knowledge.

The day is caped off with amazing performances from these artists in an outpouring of celebration for overcoming obstacles.



catbeach‘Cats on a Mission’ plans to tour the seminar series across the United States during the 2016 calendar year sharing stories and music from uniquely local artists and professionals in each town we visit.

She has been a voice of inspiration through the honesty in her own journey – coaching, music and motivational speaking.

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