Sheridan Archbold

Sheridan Archbold

Sheridan Archbold is a young prodigy that never has to apologize for his gifts.

Sheridan ArchboldSheridan sings from the depths of his heart and soul and refuses to give never less then 100% on stage or in his community.

Sheridan is passionate about being an example of perseverance and excellence through humility and love. A true gift of genius through song.

Sheridan has a vast array of musical talent. At early age Sheridan was influenced by his gifted mother and the church to sing.

He then fell in love with the greats of Luciano Pavarotti, Mariah Carey, Michel Jackson and the humor of Jim Carey.

Its only possible to put these influences in the box called GREATNESS! Sheridan has entered that box!

To ask the question why Sheridan sings, is to ask Sheridan why he lives.

Sheridan has been blessed with a calling to touch the nations with his voice while carrying the burden gladly of Dyslexia.

Sheridan ArchboldSheridan has expressed himself through multiple original characters while he continues to awe audiences of all ages with his voice and songs of inspiration.

Sheridan has inherited a powerful and extraordinary voice with a unique timbre and very wide vocal range.
Wherever Sheridan performs he  always surprises the audiences with his unforgettable voice, unique personality and the unbeatable charisma.
He successfully participated in TV show America’s Got Talent Season 9.

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