Ginger Pangas

Ginger Pangas

Ginger Pangas is an up-and-coming country music singer and songwriter.

Ginger PangasA down-to-earth girl from Ohio, Ginger has loved singing and performing ever since she was a little girl.

The desire to pursue a career in entertainment became more than just a dream when Ginger was 14 years old.

With the strong support of her loving parents, Ginger became focused on becoming a singer, actress and model.

During her high school years, Ginger Pangas took her singing aspirations to the next level. She attended the nationally-known School of Rock music school for high school students.

This experience helped Ginger learn the skills she needed to hone her talent and to perform live with bands (as she did at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame).

In her senior year, Ginger released her first single, Believe, which was recorded in New York City, and established her as a fan favorite.

In 2013, Ginger released her second single, Let Loose, which ranked #1 locally for many weeks. Let Loose earned Ginger two Northeast Ohio Music Awards for Best Solo Artist and Country Artist of the Year. As a result of these honors, Ginger received much press and recognition including an interview with The Cleveland Plain Dealer, and a special guest performance with Ohio Idol. Additionally, she has performed in a variety of well-known venues.

1476468_539057899519557_1785818466_n2014 has been a busy year for Ginger in which she has promised to deliver The Best of Ginger. Her third single, Country Beach, is a strong upbeat summertime song which is receiving excellent reviews and comments within the music industry, as well as noted airtime.

Country Beach is Ginger’s first collaboration with songwriter, producer, and pop vocal coach, Allan Licht, and was recorded at The Reel Thing Studio in Cleveland.

It was engineered by Pete Tokar, who co-produced and engineered Gerald Levert’s Grammy-winning music.

Ginger’s quick follow-up to Country Beach was He’s Not You, which shows her softer side while still highlighting her strong vocals.

In the summer of 2014, Ginger performed at Macy’s Festival in Ohio where her polished stage presence was called a “class act.”

Music is her passion and will always be a big part of Ginger’s life.

She loves being in the recording studio and looks forward to upping her game with each new release.

However, performing live is where she shines, and being on stage feels like home to her. Ginger believes she was given her talent for a reason, and her goal is to be a positive role model for the younger generation.

Her message to aspiring artists is quite simple – Keep Believing …


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