Joseph Pagano

Joseph Pagano

Joseph is a singer-songwriter from NJ whose second EP Time and Colors hit the shelves worldwide in August 2015. Joseph PaganoThe album is a follow up to his first EP Graveyard of Dreams, released in February 2015 that charted in the top 5 radio play on WGLS-FM NJ and top 20 in 2 other markets.
The EP Time and Colors has a progressive American Roots foundation with creative hooks and backbeats suited for radio that span flavors of Alternative Country and Indie Alternative Rock.
Time and Colors was inspired by the idea that we are all artists born into the world with a blank canvas. In one sentence Pagano would say that “life is an art-form”.

We are all born into this earth as artists with a blank canvas. We get to decide what we put on that canvas. All we need is time and colors to express who we are, what we see, what we feel, where we have been, where we want to go.
The song Life in a Bag was inspired by a homeless man in Penn Station who seemed to be more sure of himself than the anxiety ridden commuters, and who seemed to be traveling with his whole life in a bag. The song has a strong backbeat and bluesy riffs, and calls out in a clever way the virtues of the simple, uncluttered life.
The closing track Mamma Don’t Call Me Home has a hard rock indie edge to it with a lyric that tells the tale of neighborhood kids ding dong ditching hoping their mothers don’t track them down. The melodic heavy metal like guitar riffs show Pagano’s breadth of coverage on this EP.
The Time and Colors record is a collection of original songs that Pagano wrote, arranged, recorded, produced and mastered himself in his studio in NJ. On the record Pagano performed guitar, bass, keyboards, synthesizers, drum machines, and vocals.
Joseph Pagano released his first EP record in February 2015 titled Graveyard of Dreams via CD Baby.

Joseph PaganoThe record is a collection of original songs based on Joseph’s observations and life experiences in traveling the world over the past decade with a mix of grass roots Americana, Rock, and electronic instrumental inspirations.

The title track Graveyard of Dreams was inspired by a trip to the Grammy Awards in 2014 spending time on the historic Sunset Boulevard in LA.
As a teenager, Joseph played the guitar solo on the dance song single Cecelia, released in 1985 on Debbie Records Silk City Sound with the band N-Kuntrol founded by Jeffrey T. Crooms. Joseph played guitar, bass, and arranged the B-side, If I Said I Love you on the same release, the rare vinyl single which is selling for as much as $80 today on Discogs! Joseph played rhythm and lead guitar in several bands touring the NY / NJ area including Profile, Junior’s Farm, and Straight Shoot’r. He played guitar and sang for 11,000 people at a private function at the TD Waterhouse arena in Orlando, FL and continues to write and produce original rock and dance music.
On the Graveyard of Dreams track Little Girls, Joseph was in mid-song recording the demo track in his home studio when his young daughter walked in during the recording with her friend, oblivious to the fact he was recording, asked him to order dinner or watch her baby sister.

The live interruption made the final track which you can hear midway through the song Little Girls! Now 18 Julia Pagano, Joseph’s daughter has a credit on the record for photography and album art.
On the Graveyard of Dreams record Joseph wrote, recorded and produced all of the parts on the 7 tracks including vocals, guitar, ukulele, drums, harmonica, keyboards, bass, percussion, midi programming and drum loop integration.


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