Tony McKee

Tony McKee

Singer/Songwriter/Composer – Indie horror film composer. Gym junkie & 4×4 enthusiast. “I gotta thing for trucks”

tony mckeeWith lyrics telling stories of growing up in a small town in Kentucky, Nashville recording artist Tony McKee is conjuring up memories for fans with ties to the quiet countryside as well as capturing the imaginations of those more accustomed to big city living.

When he isn’t joining the rest of “Big Blue Nation” in cheering on his beloved Kentucky Wildcats,

Tony can be found dreaming up lyrics while driving his Dodge Ram pick-up truck, appropriately named “Rambo”, in search of the perfect off-roading, hiking, or fishing spot.

He is also an avid weight lifter and fitness advocate.

A self-described introvert with an extrovert’s personality, Tony has another interest that always seems to take fans by surprise: slasher movies!

From Scream to Halloween, Tony’s love of the genre started when he first watched John Carpenter’s Halloween and he has since started his own personal collection of slasher movie memorabilia!


tony mckeeExcerpt written by Tony
By now, most of you have heard my single Anymore. I wrote that song back around 2008 or 2009. Seems like a lifetime ago. They say the best songs come from real life experiences. Who ever “they” is that said that wasn’t lying.

I thought I had everything I wanted back then. Life was “good” I thought. However, my gut kept telling me otherwise. But I didn’t listen. I didn’t want to. I wanted to live my little fantasy that everything was perfect. Lesson learned folks.

If your instincts tell you something, and you wanna sweep it under the rug and go about your business, that’s fine. But when that little voice speaks up again, and tells you the same damn thing it did before, you better pay attention. Let me repeat that again, YOU BETTER PAY ATTENTION! Rarely will that voice let you down. Trust me, I tried to ignore it. And I strung myself through the biggest bull shit of a relationship I’d ever been in. All because I chose not to face reality. Lesson learned.
So out of that heartache came Anymore. The chorus, along with the bridge, is basically the argument that took place. I’ve made peace with that part of my life. Around that came a flood of songs. Mostly about the lies and deceit of that relationship. It was a long time before I could revisit that part of my past and be ok with it. It’s made me a stronger person that’s for sure. It upped my BS meter too. LOL I can smell that shit a mile away.
tony mckeeI’m just glad that so many of you can relate to my story. I mean yeah, it sucks to have to go through something like that, but at least I know you aren’t alone. You grow from it and learn. And that brings me to my song, Waiting. Yeah I learned my lesson after I wrote Anymore, but then I was on the mend. Or rebound I should say. And I ain’t gotta go into that story because you’ve heard in the song. so NOW….I can truly say Lesson Learned!
It’s kinda weird, but I believe everything happens for a reason. I think some of us are chosen to be the voice of other people. To say what they want to say, but they either can’t or don’t know how. I feel like Ive been given that job in life. I’ve been given the mission of going through certain things so that I can set it to music and share it with you all and that it might help at least one person somehow.
What ever the reason is, I’m glad that I can share my story with everyone and touch a few lives along the way!



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