Whisper Roaring

Whisper Roaring

Whisper Roaring (Brittany McQuinn) is a Canadian East Coast singer/songwriter.

Brittany McQuinnGrowing up in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Brittany chose to be involved in as many musical activities as possible. She was not raised in a musical household, and describes her earliest influences as “Disney movie soundtracks, Nintendo games, and an incredible blues pianist that played weekly at my church.” She began writing songs when she was 6, and would request that her father bring home blank cassettes from the studio where he worked so that she could record them. Brittany continued writing songs throughout her teenage years, often writing ten a month. She has now written over one thousand songs.

Brittany lost her older brother in a car accident that she survived when she was three. Grief, loss, and how to live a life that began with exposure to trauma are one of the main themes of her debut album, written while she was a teen. In 2010, a local producer heard her music and pursued a production deal with her for a single and an album. They began recording in a basement studio and, due to flooding, finished the album in an apartment on the top floor of an Victorian-era home. This album, “From Basements to Rooftops” released October 2015 to a full house at a memorable concert in Fredericton.

Brittany McQuinnCompeting against over 60 other artists from the East Coast of Canada and the U.S., Brittany reached the top 10 at the New Brunswick Talent Search competition in Fall 2015. Soon after, she began a mentorship with Rick Barker, Taylor Swift’s original manager. She showcases at Canadian Music Week in Toronto May 2016. Brittany is now working on her second album while performing her first album live.

She is nothing more than an eighteen-year-old girl who loves the Lord, and loves to sing. The mixing of these passions has led her to write over two-hundred songs about a life in the Lord in the most real sense that she can convey. Dealing with the battles that everyone experiences, she expresses the lessons she’s learned through the ministry of music.

Brittany started writing songs when she was just a kid, recording them on cassette tapes and singing only to her bedroom walls and closest friends. Playing by ear alone, she has learned to play her songs on piano, guitar, and whatever she can get her hands on.

Over the past three years Brittany has been playing for audiences of hundreds and has enjoyed the responses she gets, and connections she makes from people who are struggling with something a song is about. Britt aims to encourage her sisters and brothers in Christ to keep on in a life lived for Him, and display to those who don’t know Him what a difference life with God has on one’s perspective.

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