Using social media as an artist

Using social media as an artist

Hello everyone. Today I would like to talk about the use of social media as an artist.

We all know that social media has caused a great impact for quite awhile now and it has become a powerful tool to express and showcase ones work. There are a few things that as artists or musicians we should take in consideration to take advantage of this as best as possible.

1.- Do not base your success on ” likes “.- These days people live such a fast life sometimes that very few stop to really listen and see what artists are offering. There will be people though that watch your posts such as songs, videos, etc. and will like them regardless if they don’t comment or “like “. I had the experience of  many fellow musicians comment on my work privately and not on my social media timelines. They liked what I had been posting and were happy that I am active in music. So take “likes ” as what they are and thank the people who like or comment, and don’t feel bad, because everyone sees what you post, and comments will come, when you least expect them, either on your posts or privately.

2.- Tread lightly.- It’s not good to use your social media to create controversy when you are an artist. If you are an artist focus on your work as such. It wont do any good to make a scandal about what somebody was wearing, or what someone said, etc. This is important because if you focus more on giving personal opinions about different topics and you strive on generating controversy you will be known for that, and not for your art. Use social media to promote your art, not what you think about different topics. Then again if you are a social analyst, politician, or deal with social issues, by all means post what you feel is of interest to others, but without hurting others feelings or trying to step on their own beliefs.

3.- Always be polite.- Always be courteous  towards others and respectful. This will help your career immensely.

4.- Don’t spam.- Don’t spam with your content unless you have your contact’s permission to add him/her to the persons you want to tag. There are many ways in which we can use social media appropiately, it is just a matter of knowing what is relevant and can help promote your activity. Have a great and blessed week!!

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