Rick Scott – Out Of The Dark

Rick Scott – Out Of The Dark

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Rick Scott has picked up two more songwriter awards Nov, 2nd 2014 in Nashville for his Johnny Cash recording of self penned tune “Tennessee” Out now on “Out Among The Stars” CD by the Man In Black .. World-Wide debut number one on the Top Country Album and Americana Charts. Also garnering a certified gold album for his contribution on “THE LEGEND” “Johnny Cash” song: “When I’m Gray”

rick scottStraight from birth in 1958 , Covington, Ky. , Rick has devoted his entire life to his musical roots as the creative force behind many hits for many artist.. Coming from a long line of musicians / writers / radio personalities in and around the Cincinnati, Ohio area , it is a path that Rick was born to cut out of the Northern Kentucky hills to the brightest lights of Nashville and beyond.

As a musician “Drummer” “Songwriter” Rick pounded and wrote his way into the hearts of thousands before reaching the ripe old age of twenty one, playing for such personalities as Alabama for four years as studio and road drummer and songwriter, Earl Thomas Conley as studio / road drummer and co-writer, Ed Bruce as songwriter and drummer, Vern Gosdin and David Allan Coe as road drummer… and worked with more top artist as drummer / songwriter / producer / and publisher.
From the seedy bar rooms across the country to concert halls filled with thousands of admiring fans , Rick has experienced it all.
Garnering multi-platinum status as a Musician Songwriter , Publisher, and Record Producer.

As a songwriter, Scott, has more than 30 million units in sales, has numerous work to his credit including the massive number one song “Why Lady Why” which was included on Alabama’s first album release “My Home’s In Alabama” in 1980.
That album is a Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) Certified Multi-Platinum project and Alabama went on to be named the RIAA Country Group of the 20th Century.

rick scottScott, as of late has finished writing and recording his latest CD “Hot Burning Coals” with Nick Scott Petta at the helm as Rick’s Producer.

With a new manager “Marilyn Jones Volle” this project is sure to land in the hearts of thousands.
Album was released 5/15/15 and includes brand new tunes as well as a few well known hits that Rick has penned.

The material just keeps getting better as Rick with his well worn pen and everyday words and storytelling style are put to simplistic melodies that match the man and his life.

The latest project Rick is working on is the two hour Americana Documentary film based on his life “OUT OF THE DARK” along with an all new ten song CD package rolled in with the film … songs that will touch your heart and take up residence in you soul.
If you are looking for a seasoned veteran all around Artist then you have found the real deal.


outofthedark In just the last few weeks we have received word we are invited to play at the biggest music fest in Texas, SXSW… South By Southwest. Looking forward to this … We also have Put together a New Online Tv show called “Up On The Porch with Rick” Where we will be interviewing musical guest from all over the world touching on informative topics that we hope will keep you tuned in. The show begins airing the first week of May,2016 .. You are all invited online to have a cup of conversation with Rick. Also we see the simultaneous release of the 90 minute Americana Documentary fIlm And 12 song Music CD both titled “OUT OF THE DARK” You can of course visit our website to check em out or purchase at most all online retail stores. Now as if all of this is not enough to wear even a young man down, allow this Grandpa to let you in on some really cool news. Beginning mid April Southwest Airlines will be featuring our song “TENNESSEE” as recorded by the Man In Black Mr. Johnny Cash, in their new commercials online/tv/radio as the background music. We are thrilled to be given this news and wanna say Welcome Aboard Southwest Airlines we hope you buckle up and enjoy the Journey here at 515records.com Please everyone join us on our Facebook group page .. https://www.facebook.com/groups/461201970713820/ And at: http://515records.com/index.html


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  • Thank you Rick, It means alot to me that my efforts in promoting artists is making such a huge impact with the Music Industry.
    Like I have said in the past, everyone I feature in the magazines has a voice that needs to be heard and every artists deserves to have an opportunity to shine.

    • We thank you Mr. Lockhart.
      As we both know music is the universal language and for anyone to hear it, it takes dedication and perseverance on the part of the Artist and talented people such as yourself. We all need one another…


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