Review of Out of the Dark (Documentary)

Review of Out of the Dark (Documentary)

(From the Desk of Randy Lockhart). Review of Out of the Dark (Documentary),  I am honoured and grateful for Rick Scott and his Wife Marilyn for allowing me into their lives.

Over the past months I have had the pleasure of meeting so many great Artists and Songwriters and writing articles in my online magazines about them. I grew up listening to alot of great Music and and at 60 years old I still find myself going back to when I was younger and re visiting the Artists and songs I grew up with. I would like to say I am ashamed of myself for failing to truly appreciate what the song is about. You can listen to and enjoy a song whether it be the lyrics or the beat that draws you into the song or something else, but I have to say, I am guilty of doing just that. I never actually listened to the song. I heard it, I hummed it, but I never really listened to it. Every song does have a story to it, and the story generally has a deep emotional meaning to the Artist writing or singing it and through all the artists I have been featuring in the magazines I am just now beginning to realise that. Sure I read everyone’s Bio’s and take time to hear their music but I failed to see the relevance of the song to the artists until now.

Rick invited me to view his Documentary (Out Of The Dark) which I have just now finished viewing and I have to tell all you folks, that Rick has certainly opened my eyes up to the real world of music by sharing his life’s truths about what actually goes on behind the scenes in a musicians life. I would have never known this about him, I would have been one to just listen to his songs and if I liked them, I would turn up the volume every time I heard them played over and over on the Radio.

I was not raised in any form of a musical lifestyle so I cannot truthfully relate to what Artists actually endure during their careers, but thinking back now on all the articles I have written for artists, not once did I put 2 and 2 together or I would have been more susceptible to what the Artist was wanting me to hear about them through their music and Bio’s.

In Rick’s Documentary, he talks about all the things that were at times very good, some bad times, and sometimes very ugly times and Rick has no shame in wanting people to know the truth about events that happened during his career and I have to applaud him deeply for coming out of the dark and bringing this information forward for everyone to hear. I learned things about not only himself, and his brother, but also about the other great musicians that were a huge part of his life and I am very familiar with all the Great Artists he speaks dearly of in the Documentary because myself growing up, they were also a part of my life.

I am thrilled that Rick is now able to look ahead with new ambitions and goals and I will make every effort to follow what he is up to. If you have not heard his Documentary yet, I really do think you owe it to yourself to go to his website and purchase a copy of the Documentary, as well his new songs that he is producing.
~Review by Randy Lockhart

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4 Comments on “Review of Out of the Dark (Documentary)

  • Thank you Randy for your heartfelt positive review.. I was truly sweating bullets while waiting to hear what you were thinking. Thanks to you and your words I can sleep better tonight knowing all is well in the Documentary world …. God Bless and thanks again. By the way, to all you songwriters/artist reading this I just did a copyright on “Sweating Bullets” Sounds like a new song to me … lol

  • You are very welcome Rick. I now have a whole new understanding of what musicians endure in their careers and i’m sure there are many, many untold stories such as yours that will hopefully come to light one day for every one to read and share.


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